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Driverseat Expansion into Markham Area




Franchise Owner William Lui to also open Richmond Hill North and Richmond Hill South Territories

Kitchener, Ontario – Driverseat services continue to expand to new communities with the recent opening of Markham Ontario, located north east of Toronto. Franchise owner William Lui has also purchased the rights to open Richmond Hill […]

Driverseat Franchisee Testimonial

A short video of Driverseat Franchisee Chris Lilly on being an entrepreneur in the Driverseat system.

Transportation Challenges for the “Sandwich Generation”

With a 16 year old and 18 year old daughter, and an 84 and 85 year old mother and father, I am what you would consider part of the Sandwich Generation.  These are defined as middle-aged people who have to care for their parents, and their children.

My father recently gave up his license.  This was […]

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An ‘Old’ Issue Grows New Legs – Managing An Aging Population

You are living under a rock if you aren’t aware that Canada’s population is aging, and that trend is expected to continue at least for the next 25 years.  This will present myriad challenges to us as a society.  Will it put a strain on our income assistance programs, such as Old Age Security?  Of […]

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