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DSI-Luke & Brian-Outside OfficeCo-Founders (et frères) Luke and Brian had a desire to create a new business. What they have embarked on is the start of a new industry. Looking for an opportunity to build a brand that was founded upon integrity, respect, social responsibility, and honesty, the brothers happened upon some real life scenarios where they saw the need for someone else to drive their vehicle. Driverseat emerged, and is disrupting the transportation industry in many communities.
Comme ils ont conçu le modèle d’affaires, 4 distinct service offerings emerged, Designated Driver, Transport assistée, Airport Chauffeur, and Vehicle Chauffeur. The brothers have developed a comprehensive offering of services, custom tailored to any situation where someone cannot, or using better judgement, choose not to drive.
Dans 2011, Driverseat was born. Dans 2011 et par 2012, les deux ont travaillé avec leurs avocats de confiance, comptables, équipes de soutien technique et les fournisseurs potentiels pour créer le plan d’affaires et modèle. Everyone involved in the development of the brand, from lawyers to insurance brokers to vendors, had an overwhelming sense of excitement around the business, and wanted to get more involved. This led them to decide on a franchise model as a means to grow and expand the business.
Driverseat lancé le premier terminal (unité d’affaires de la franchise) à Barrie, Ontario à l’automne 2012, and has since launched 15 more franchise sites that service well over 200 communities. Dans 2015, the company is poised to launch in the U.S., and the ultimate goal is to have Driverseat operating in over 20 countries. Depuis le lancement, tens of thousands of people have enjoyed the convenience and low cost structure of Driverseat services.
Driverseat Designated Driver services can be ordered using the mobile app, which can be downloaded for iPhone here, and Android here.