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Start a Franchise

Low Startup. Low Overhead. Low Breakeven. Home Based. Scalable. High Tech. Partner with an emerging business.

Driverseat represents the ideal mix of owning your own business while maintaining balance and quality of life.  The industry does not yet exist, the service is cutting edge and innovative, and the combined revenue streams for our 8 services amount to significant opportunities.

What is it going to take?

Start a Franchise

under $25,000
  • Current Franchise Fee – $15,000
  • Current Monthly Royalty – $389

What will I be doing day-to-day?

Businesses that you operate from home have historically been difficult to scale.  You want to earn more money, you must work more hours. That’s simply not the case with Driverseat.  Spend your days building relationships and marketing the brand in your community, while your top-notch Coachmen (drivers) take care of transporting your customer’s vehicles. Spending so little to get operating, and earning revenue from day 1 means that your break even happens in a hurry.

Sounds too good to be true?  Well, it isn’t, just look at what our current franchise partners had to say:

How does the revenue model work?

As you sell rides to your customers, your Coachmen take to the streets to complete them.  For each ride they complete, Coachmen are paid a percentage of the value of the ride, and are also able to keep 100% of their tips.  The more Coachmen you have driving for you, the more revenue you can earn.  By leveraging the 8 different services, you can tap into multiple industries, each being significant in opportunity.

Support for the Franchisee

Our top priority is ensuring your success.


In your 5 day training program, we discuss every element of planning, opening and operating your business.  We look at everything from marketing, to human resources, to strategic planning.  Utilizing well planned working sessions, role play and field trips, the training is fun, extremely informative and will certainly give you the tools you need to get started.

Ongoing Support

Beyond your initial launch, we maintain continuous communication with you.  Our experienced team will continue to challenge you, share with you, and advise you to ensure you are meeting your goals and objectives.  We do not operate your business for you, and do not get involved in the day to day operation, and that is exactly the kind of relationship you want with your franchisor.

Technology – There’s an app for that…


We have developed a leading edge mobile app for our designated driving service.  As part of your franchise package, your customers will have instant access to it, making your life much easier, and giving them the rock star treatment they deserve.