Crowdfunding and How It Applies to MiiRyde

Crowdfunding and How It Applies to MiiRyde

Crowdfunding has become a significant tool for charities, personal campaigns, and businesses alike. The concept of crowdfunding is a simple one: projects, ventures and campaigns get funded by raising small amounts of money from large numbers of people. In this blog post, co-founder Brian Bazely discusses some of the reasons why we chose crowdfunding as a vehicle to grow Driverseat and MiiRyde.

MiiRyde Crowdfunding Campaign

We have been asked by many, in a rhetorical sense, “Why would someone choose to support a for-profit business through crowdfunding?” The answer is quite simple, however, crowdfunding is so new to most, that it is not yet common knowledge. Here we will provide further context around what crowdfunding is, and how it applies to MiiRyde.

1. MiiRyde is an app we will develop with crowdfunding money which will connect those who are impaired with a designated driver. While we are very experienced in performing the Designated Driver service, it takes significant capital to launch a new app globally. By offering this needed service through an app, we can make it so affordable, so accessible, and so convenient, that it will significantly reduce impaired driving, while providing a great service people can integrate into their lifestyle.

WhatInReturn2. Crowdfunding is NOT a donation. In return for backing a project, you will receive reward perks, such as shirts, hats, pre-paid service, or sponsorship opportunities. While we have not finalized our reward packages, there will definitely be significant value to you for backing the project.

3. Crowdfunding is typically done through a website, such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo. On these websites you can register an account, and browse projects to back. When the MiiRyde campaign launches (likely on Kickstarter), having an account already created will make backing the project very simple.

AppToEndIphone4. Our funding goal will allow us to create the technology required for a global launch of the designated driver service. Achieving higher levels of funding will allow us to add other great features to the app, and roll it out in new communities.

We have a mission to end impaired driving. We are super excited to have hundreds of thousands of people join us in the journey.