Driverseat Brampton’s  Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

Driverseat Brampton’s Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions

We have solutions designed for your specific needs, so rest assured that Driverseat has got you covered with the answers to our Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions.


1.)   Can I make reservations via a mobile app or online?

Yes, download the Driverseat App. Here are the links: iPhone: Android: Online reservations are available at You can also call our helpful support team at 289-201-6394 or submit an online quotation request by texting the word SHUTTLE to 289-201-6394.


2.)   How many people can be transported at once?

Capacity for the purpose of planning, our largest vehicle can carry a maximum of 11 adults, and our smallest vehicle can carry a maximum of 7 adults. We have a fleet that varies in size to accommodate your specific needs.


3. )   What types of vehicles are available to pre-book?

At Driverseat, we offer an incredible array of Full-sized vans as well as Minivans and purposefully build our fleet to meet the simple or complex needs of our customers. As part of Driverseat, we are proud to be Canada’s Fastest-Growing Transportation Franchise in the industry with courteous, friendly and professional drivers.


4.)   What do I need to pre-book my service? 

You will need to create a customer profile and add a major credit card to begin the pre-booking process. Your credit card will not be processed until the service has been delivered at the end of the contracted date of service.


5.)   Besides the hourly rate, are there additional fees?

Extra fees could apply contingent upon the nature and destination of your excursion. Examples of these expenses could be Parking and tolls, cleaning charge (if food or drinks are consumed) and taxes.


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