Transportation for seniors is a huge challenge – Driverseat Inc

Transportation for seniors is a huge challenge – Driverseat Inc

Giving up the driver’s license because of health or mobility issues, brought on by age or because the spouse who did all the driving is gone, is a huge blow for a senior. It signals the loss of a measure of independence. Suddenly, driving to the supermarket to buy fresh vegetables, pick up medications from the pharmacy or getting to the hospital for outpatient treatment becomes a major source of stress.

For seniors who are still independent but can’t drive for long periods of time, taxis can be expensive. What if you need to get to and from a downtown hospital for medical appointments? A lack of transportation alternatives is deterring some senior citizens from hanging up their car keys, even if it’s no longer safe for them to drive. More specifically, these losses can include feeling a loss of social status and spontaneity and an increase in planning and waiting time.

There should be some way where Seniors can live their life independently and spend their day on their terms without having to compromise their schedule or having to wait a long time for someone to help. It is important to help your loved ones obtain and use safe methods of transportation.

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Good thing that Driverseat has a transportation solution for this. Our “Assisted transport” for Seniors is where they can do their daily errands, medical appointments, and grocery shopping on their terms and in the comfort of their own car and can enjoy being independent, self-sufficient and have a quality of life. Driverseat Coachmen/Women are professionally trained and trustworthy. Enjoy peace of mind and convenience for yourself or a loved one and our Coachman/Woman will take care of everything else. We also provide a concierge service to take care of all your other needs. Driverseat’s assisted transport provides flexibility, availability, easily accessible and affordable

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