If You’re in Business, You Need Our Business.

If You’re in Business, You Need Our Business.

Driverseat is Canada’s fastest growing transportation franchise. We provide white-glove and customized transportation solutions that are convenient, accessible, and affordable. And now, Driverseat is becoming the leader in personalized, micro-transit services, primarily for airport, weddings, corporate and special events, as well as employee transportation.

Since launching our private shuttle services here in November 2017, we’ve experienced significant growth. The same can be said for so many of our other Driverseat franchises across Canada, as we are all moving to support the daily inquiries we receive for affordable and economical transportation solutions where a minivan is not large enough, yet a full sized bus is just not an efficient option. Until now, we could only transport up to six passengers at a time, but as of this month, our franchise in Burlington and Milton successfully secured our Public Vehicle Licence (PVL). This means that we can now provide private, chartered transportation throughout the Halton region and beyond, moving larger groups of people at one time.

So if you’re a business owner, why would that interest you?

  • Maybe you currently own a fleet of vehicles that sit unused the majority of the time. Insurance, maintenance, and driver salaries are a large part of your overhead. Driverseat can eliminate that for you.
  • Hiring and maintaining staff who live outside your city is difficult, because they don’t have access to private transportation and/or public transit often doesn’t align with work schedules. Driverseat can get your employees to and from work, efficiently, and on your schedule.
  • You require small group transportation for employee day trips, meetings, and training, etc. Driverseat can provide direct, point-to-point transportation.
  • You have a need for last-mile transportation. Driverseat picks up where public transit ends.
  • …and so many other reasons.

Transportation should work the way you do.

Transportation should work the way you do. And that’s why Driverseat customizes and purpose-builds your solution to get you the most efficient and appropriate transportation option.

So please reach out to us today. Let’s start the conversation about how you can put us in the Driverseat.