Driverseat Transportation Franchise in Middle Tennessee

Driverseat Transportation Franchise in Middle Tennessee

When we made the decision to build a business, we weren’t sure where to start.  Other than the fact that we knew we wanted to be entrepreneurs, we were unsure what business would make sense for us.  After many discussions with my partner, we decided to go into this venture together.  He was recently retired and looking for something meaningful to do, and I was ready to hit the ground running.  We finally decided on a franchise.  Having created several non-profits from the ground up, I knew what was involved in a complete start-up and really didn’t want to go that route.

Enter franchises.  I spent a year researching franchises trying to decide which would be the right choice for us.  What was most important to us was that it would need to be something our community really needed.  Our area did not need another fast food restaurant, car wash, or fitness center.  So, those were out.

When I came across Driverseat, I knew I’d found a winner.  Not only had it won Canadian Franchise of the Year award multiple times in a row, it was a proven system.  It was changing communities across Canada.  Then I learned that they had not yet moved into the United States.  This was our opportunity to bring a successful franchise into the US.  A proven franchise providing a service that was really needed in our community.

Middle Tennessee is not known for its public transportation, unfortunately.  And with its fast-growing population, transportation needs are becoming paramount. Considering this, personal transportation services seemed to be the way to go.  With its award-winning system and technology, and its proven training and support from Driverseat corporate offices, the decision was an easy one.

We’re glad to be able to offer this much-needed service to Middle Tennessee.  Please contact us to find out how we can provide solutions for your transportation needs!