Opening Night for Driverseat Middle Tennessee

Opening Night for Driverseat Middle Tennessee

December 7th, 2019 will always be an important date for us.  It was the official start of our business.  It was the night we had to opportunity and blessing to take a wonderful group of people safely to and from their company Christmas party.

We couldn’t have asked for a better first event!  The group from Discount Plumbing from Columbia, Franklin, and Winchester made our first job a pleasure and we’re excited for more.  We believe this was the start of an ongoing partnership with Discount Plumbing- they let us know they would be using us again for sure!

They booked both a shuttle for transporting their group from a local hotel to their venue, as well as a designated driving team to transport one of their local members (and their car) home.  It kept our team delightfully busy!

We’ll always be grateful to our first customers, and their can only be one first. We look forward to serving them again in the future!

If you have a group event that you need to get your employees to and from safely, please contact us.