Merry Christmas from Driverseat Middle Tennessee!

Merry Christmas from Driverseat Middle Tennessee!

As Christmas draws near, it’s not uncommon to feel the stress and pressure of making sure “everything is done.”  We seem to have a Hallmark movie idea of what Christmas should be.  Commercials and advertisements tell us gifts are what will make our Christmas great.  Large retail stores encourage us to “buy now” or you will miss out on the perfect gift.

We believe the most important gifts are love, family, good health, and good friends.  And for these, we are grateful.

We started Driverseat Middle Tennessee in the middle of the holiday season.  Amid the normal hustle and bustle of the season, we’ve had the added work of growing a business.  Recently, Lewis and I were reflecting on our gratitude for what we have in our lives.  As for Driverseat, here’s why we’re thankful:

  • A community who has welcomed us to a degree I didn’t see coming. I knew the service was needed, but I didn’t expect the absolute open arms experience we’ve received from our community!
  • Our small but growing team. They haven’t even really worked yet, but we know the folks we’ve hired as Chauffeurs will excel in their roles and become the  fabulous team we envision.
  • A wonderful network of other local business owners who have cheered us on and helped us troubleshoot problems.
  • Our customers!
  • And most importantly, the faith that God would give us the confidence and strength to carry us through the lean beginnings that is common for most small business owners. It’s not always easy to leave the security of a regular paycheck to embark on a new adventure, but we’re keeping the faith.

This Christmas, celebrate with gratitude in your hearts.  And from our family to yours, we wish you the gift of joy.

Robin and Lewis