Should Your Elderly Parents Still Drive?

Should Your Elderly Parents Still Drive?

It’s not unusual to be worried about the safety of your family members while driving.  Teen drivers are especially worrisome given their lack of experience in challenging driving conditions.  But what about the elderly?  Our parents and grandparents have probably been driving for decades safely – until they can’t.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), “specific physical, cognitive and visual abilities may decline with advancing age for some people. Functional impairments can interfere with driving and may become particularly evident in stressful or challenging driving situations such as turning left, merging or changing lanes.”  For most folks, staying off the road isn’t an attractive option.  They’re independent, and have spent many, many years driving themselves where they need to go.  Should they sell their cars and throw in the towel?  Not necessarily.

A viable option might be to keep their vehicle and hire a professional Driverseat Chauffeur.  Here’s why:

  • Independence.  Go to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store or pharmacy, meet friends for lunch – the choice and time frame are theirs.  They make the schedule and the Chauffeur works for them.
  •  Safety.  They’re riding in their own vehicle, so they know its mechanical condition and maintenance history.  Driverseat Chauffeurs have been screened for criminal backgrounds and driving histories.  They have been tested in their driving abilities.
  • Affordable. Chauffeur services are charged by the hour, so no matter how many miles they need to go, it’s the same hourly rate.

Let us help you keep them safe and independent.