A Cool Gifting Idea For Your Loved Ones!

A Cool Gifting Idea For Your Loved Ones!

All over the world, professional/personal achievements, weddings, and birthdays are celebrated as we mark these are special life events. Friends and relatives come together to share the happiness and joy of these events. There is an arrangement of food and drinks, people bring gifts, and enjoy a special cake. Because these life events are so special, there is a certain amount of pressure on the host to make sure everything is arranged properly to make the event memorable.

Transportation arrangement is one of the items on his/her list, which is very important nowadays as drink and drive incidents have become a major concern everywhere. Everyone wants their friends and families to go home safe after the party. Why not you take an initiative and make him/her less worry? Sponsoring a Private Shuttle package can be a great gift for friend’s parties. Why worry about driving, when someone else can do the driving for your friends and family and let you focus on enjoying the event. Here are the details of the service that Driverseat provides…

Private Shuttle Package:

Driverseat will provide a uniformed professional driver and a wrapped minivan (6-passenger) at your event. The shuttle driver will provide multiple trips in Edmonton and surrounding areas to pick up or drop-off your friends/families home safely.

Hourly rate per shuttle, minimum of 2-hour per shuttle. Unlimited km!

To get a customized quote or for more information on how we can help, please reach out to Driverseat Edmonton at (587) 415-5040 or Edmonton@driverseatinc.com.