Your Guide for Choosing the right Charter Bus Company

Your Guide for Choosing the right Charter Bus Company

When selecting a charter bus company in Brampton, ON, price is often what guides one to settle on their ultimate final decision. While the price is significant, it’s not the only feature that should influence your decision. There are numerous other factors that you should take into consideration so that you’re guaranteed a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride. Continue reading for a list of questions you should ask before you decide which charter bus company you’ll hire.

How Long Has the Charter Bus Company Been in Business?

Charter bus rental in Brampton, ON, is big business. There are numerous companies ready and willing to take your money. Before you hand over a dime, find out how long the company has been providing charter bus service. Do they have a reputation in the community for safety and excellent customer service?

How Old Is the Fleet?

Newer vehicles offer modern luxuries that you won’t find in older vehicles such as complimentary Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment systems. For example, today’s technology is going to allow for more entertainment options than a charter bus from the 90s or early 2000s. If first-class amenities are essential to you, choose a charter bus company that has newer vehicles in its fleet.

Is the Company Willing to Disclose Inspection Records?

Safety should always be your number one priority when searching for a charter bus company in Brampton, ON. Not only should the charter bus have passed provincial inspections, but it should also come equipped with safety features like an anti-lock braking system, back-up cameras etc. Ask the company about their compliance history as far as driver hours are concerned. Do they hold their chauffeurs to strict operating hours to avoid driver fatigue? If you’re renting a shuttle for a long trip, the driver mustn’t be overextending on their driving hours. Never contract with a company that isn’t in compliance with the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) regulations.

What Is the Plan in Case of Emergency?

Ideally, your ride or excursion in the shuttle will go off without a hitch. In any case, the company should always have an emergency plan for every situation. Will there be a replacement vehicle available if the one you rent breaks down? When you rent a shuttle for a trip in Brampton, ON, you don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road without a plan.

Who Is Responsible for the Driver’s Accommodations, Meals, Etc?

This is an inquiry that numerous people neglect to ask, but it’s a valid question that needs to be addressed. Whether you a shuttle vehicle in Brampton, ON, for a day or a week-long trip, knowing upfront who is responsible for what will avoid any awkward situations. Have a conversation with the charter bus company to find out if the cost of the driver’s accommodations, meals, and any other incidentals are included in the rental cost. Are you expected to pay extra for these?

Do You Accommodate Special Needs?

Does your group need accommodations for disabled, elderly, or small children? You may not think to ask about child car seats. If you have small children travelling with you, you may need to provide the car seats, more likely than not. Always ask to make sure you bring the right equipment with you and that you hire an appropriate vehicle to meet your travellers’ needs.

Finding a great deal on a charter bus company in Brampton is terrific. Keep in mind, however,  though, that other factors could affect the overall cost of the trip. Ask the questions above to make sure that you’re getting the most benefits for the price you’re paying.

No matter the reason for your trip, our charter service in Brampton, ON, is a great way to go. With these tips, you’ll be able to find the right company to get you to your destination safely. Happy travels! Contact Driverseat Brampton to book your shuttle today. We’ll make any excursion considerably more memorable. Call us to see how we can help:  289-201-6394