Five Ways Businesses Use Our Professional Driving Services

Five Ways Businesses Use Our Professional Driving Services

The most significant growth in Driverseat’s business comes from B2B (Business to Business). Many business owners, managers or executives are setting up accounts to utilize professional driving services with their Driverseat franchise owner. The following are the 5 most commonly used services by businesses:

I) Airport Drop-off

Driverseat drive managers or employees to and back from the airport, in the comfort of their own car, or a fleet vehicle. Convenient, cost-effective and a great time saver.

II) Fleet Service

Driverseat Chauffeurs pick up vehicles from the workplace for oil changes, to get snow tires installed, to get detailed, etc. Our clients find this to be an enormous time-saver and feel like it is “rock star” treatment.

III) Chauffeur

Our professional chauffeurs will use your vehicle to pick up your corporate guests and drive them/you to dinner meetings etc.

IV) Special Event

On account, businesses use Driverseat to supply a team of Chauffeur for their Christmas party, golf tournament or other social. Employees go home safe and the business mitigates the liability.

V) Designated Driving

Many Driverseat corporate customers offer their employees Designated Driving services, billed to their corporate account. This is brilliant. A great perk or benefit, and a way to keep the team safe.

To set up a corporate account, contact Driverseat Edmonton at 587-415-5040 or and discuss your options. Join the growing number of businesses who appreciate the convenience and wide service offerings.