Why Businesses Should Book Use Corporate Travel Professionals for their Execs.

Why Businesses Should Book Use Corporate Travel Professionals for their Execs.

You’ve just landed after a long flight.  You’re tense from the cramped quarters of the plane.  You now have to go to baggage claim, retrieve your bags, then hail a cab.  Or an Uber.  You know what you’ll get when you hail a cab – a swerving, bumpy ride through town in a not-so-clean vehicle.  An Uber might end up being a ten to fifteen-year-old Toyota Corolla.  Not exactly the most comfortable way to get to your meeting.  Nor is it the most professional way to travel to an important meeting or conference.

When you travel frequently for business, you know the importance of having the whole experience being as hassle free as possible.  You’re pressed for time, you’re traveling in an area you may not know well, and it’s probably important that you make a good impression.

Who makes your travel arrangements?  Your assistant?  The company travel planner?  Chances are, the person who makes your travel arrangements is not someone who travels for business very often.  Perhaps they’ve been instructed that approved airport transfers are limited to taxi cabs and Uber.  It’s probably time to have a conversation with the boss about using more professional transportation.

The Driverseat fleet consists of all late model, clean and comfortable vehicles.  Our service is door to door – from airport to meeting room or hotel.  Book your trips using our convenient, secure, and easy to use app.  Or ask us about corporate accounts.  Either way, we’ve got you covered.