How the Raptors Winning Streak Helps Your Business

How the Raptors Winning Streak Helps Your Business

My wife Patti and I are big basketball fans. We love the Raptors. Winning the Larry O’Brian last year as NBA champs was amazing and exciting to watch. But how could the Raptors top that performance, especially after losing superstar Kawhi Leonard and 3 point specialist Danny Green to the free agency market?

I love all sports. I have a theory when I watch sports I want to be entertained. I like watching the best, or the underdog, the comebacks, the athleticism, but most of all I enjoy watching effort.

I want to be entertained

The 2019/2020 Toronto Raptors are just that. Completely entertaining every night. It’s hard to believe I am enjoying this season as much or more than last season. Great entertainment.

I look at how the Raptors are doing it. As I write this, they are in 2nd place in their Conference and on a 14 game winning streak. Keep in mind, they really don’t have many superstars, many of their players even went undrafted.

So how are they doing it?

  • Teamwork is paramount – all players buy into the “plan”
  • Maximum effort on every play
  • Support your Team, on and off the floor, trust in what your coaches are saying
  • Know that your support extends beyond those in the trenches with you, to your extraneous family (such as die hard fans and even media broadcasters)
  • Next man up philosophy, if someone gets hurt or their game is off, it’s next man up — the plan doesn’t change
  • RESPECT for the coaches, teammates, opponents, officials, and the game
  • Be proud of your team, wear the logo with pride.

And if this formula works for the Raps, I know it can work for your business too.

“next man up”

Take Driverseat, for example. We’re a transportation business, and have many solutions to your transportation needs. Like the Raptors, we have a solid business model. Our Team is second to none. We have a solid foundation, and top drivers with a great attitude. They see and share the vision and the goal, and want to get there together. I am so impressed how many times my Team steps up and make the seemingly impossible happen for the customer, always with a smile on their face. And yet, they also know they can message the group chat in a pinch, to see if anyone’s nearby to let their dog out. They are proud to wear the Driverseat logo and we are so proud to know them.

I am excited to continue to watch the Toronto Raptors roll along, and hopefully win another championship. I am even more excited to see where the Driverseat Burlington/Milton team can take us in 2020 and beyond.

Is your team following the Raptors game plan?