St.Patrick’s Day MFL Hosted by Driverseat Kitchener

St.Patrick’s Day MFL Hosted by Driverseat Kitchener

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from team Driverseat Kitchener!

Our team from Driverseat Kitchener had the opportunity to host Driverseat’s Mandatory Fun Lunch for this month. Mandatory Fun Lunch (MFL) gathers all Chauffeurs, Driverseat employees and special guests to share food and quality time together once a month. This week, our team decided to cook Irish-inspired food and to top it up, offered a St. Patrick’s Day-themed ice cream cake!

During MFL, no work talk is allowed. We share videos, laughs, stories or a simple group talk. Many of our team members look forward to this day,  MFL  gives us the chance to interact with everyone around us and helps us build relationships between different departments.

Are you interested in being part of MFL? Reach out to us!