Your Questions Answered About Driverseat

Your Questions Answered About Driverseat

We have created a list of some of our FAQs to help you better understand Driverseat, the franchising opportunity, and our services. 


What is Driverseat?

Driverseat is an award-winning transportation franchise based out of Ontario, Canada. We are a transportation solution franchising company that has been operating since 2012 and now serves over 400 communities across North America. We provide custom services including Chauffeur (client’s car) and Shuttle (fleet vehicle). Consumers use our services for events such as airport trips and weddings, and businesses use our services for corporate travel, and employee shuttles.


Who started Driverseat?

Brian Bazely (CEO and Co-Founder) and brother, Luke Bazely (President and Co-Founder) started Driverseat in 2012. 


What happens at the Driverseat head office?

At the Driverseat head office, our incredible team supports our franchisees in helping them build their business. With the use of training/communication platforms and materials, we provide our franchisees with the recipe for success. 


Is Driverseat a delivery service?

Driverseat is not a delivery service. We work to Chauffeur people to and/or from their destination. 


How many locations does Driverseat have?

Driverseat has 44 locations and we are growing quickly! We expect to double in size over the course of the next year. 


Does Driverseat head office own all of the locations?

No, we own one location, located in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The other 43 locations are located across North America and owned by franchisees. 


Do franchise owners drive the vehicles?

No, the franchise owners are responsible for building their business and hiring Chauffeurs. The Chauffeurs in turn provide the driving and the customer service. 


How much does it cost to open a Driverseat franchise?

Driverseat is a very low-cost start up model. We estimate under $50,000 to launch your franchise. 


What’s included in the start up fee?

The start up fee includes your software, your start-up, your franchise fee, the down payment on your first shuttle vehicle, the vehicle wrap, and the fees associated with your marketing and print material. 


Does the franchisee need to own an office?

Franchisees can start with a home office; it’s one of the great parts about launching a Driverseat franchise! Once the franchisee grows their business and adds more shuttles to their vehicle fleet, they should then rent or lease an office space in order to house the vehicles. 


Do the franchisees pay royalties? 

Our business model includes a flat-rate royalty. Instead of paying a percentage of all the revenue, it’s just a flat rate to help with the support from the business. 


Does Driverseat have an app?

Yes, we do! Our mobile app allows customers to schedule their rides directly from their mobile device. They can also get quotes, view ride history, edit their profile and manage their credit cards. Our Chauffeur app allows our hired Chauffeurs to manage their rides, get directions for pick up and drop off, chat with a customer prior to the trip, track their trips as well as get signatures and charge the client all through the app. This can be dispatched from a desktop, tablet or mobile device. 


Do you need experience to start?

No, you do not need experience to open a Driverseat franchise. We teach our franchise partners all there is to know about operating a franchise and the sales process. The software will also support you in a lot of what you do.


To hear our CEO, Brian Bazely, answer questions about Driverseat in our latest YouTube video, click here!