What Role Do Strong Operations Play In Business?

What Role Do Strong Operations Play In Business?

Running a business is only complex in the sense that it requires a significant amount of knowledge or experience in many different areas. When you first start out, you might play every role and so you develop the strengths or capabilities that are required to be successful. 

You soon realize that operations management is the transmission that connects the engine (strategy) to the wheels (product or service). 

In order for a business to function smoothly, reduce losses and maximize efficiency, this critical element of your business can determine success or failure.  

Here are some roles and benefits of effective operations management:


Customer Satisfaction

Having a strong operations team will ensure that every experience a client has is driven by a quality management process to ensure that your organization maintains a consistent and positive reputation. An operations manager will help execute strategies and procedures to provide great experiences, ensure quality customer service, and enhance customer retention and referrals.


Maximizing Employee Productivity

Your operations team will ensure that the internal tools and processes are effective and maximize productivity. Lost time or non-productive time can be a significant challenge for businesses, resulting in unnecessary costs or inefficiencies. Streamlining processes, building productivity tools and minimizing downtime can have a huge impact on your bottom line.



Every business must consider safety, licensing and compliance to applicable laws, agreements and guidelines. The operations team often ensures that your company and all of the employees are in compliance as required. They may also manage insurance policies, agreements, acknowledgements and certifications.


Quality of your Product or Service 

Quality is often defined as the level of accuracy and reliability with which your product or service is delivered to the client when compared to your advertising. The operations team is tasked with taking the vision of the product or service and executing it through to the client, thereby giving them a significant amount of control with respect to the overall product quality or experience. Your business should identify what the expectations are, and how to measure them to ensure you are meeting your client’s expectations.


For more insight on how strong business operations can impact your business, watch the video below!

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