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Request Franchise Information

You can also discuss franchise opportunities directly with us on the phone by calling 855-374-8390. There are limited territories available, and life is too short to continue working for someone else! Call us today!

The following are the most common questions and our answers. Contact us for any additional
questions about the business or your specific market.

What are the territory sizes?
We have various sizes of territories. Up to 60K population, 60 to 80K and 80K to 100K. There is a development pack of 3 territories (at 100K population each) that is common.

How much driving should I do?
You should expect to do all the services once or twice yourself to learn the business but plan to do no driving as you need to run your business and can’t do that from the seat of a customer’s car.

Can I buy my whole city? Why don’t you sell the entire city?
You can, we just have to identify the number of territories. We don’t want to manage dozens or hundreds of territory sizes so we don’t create a new type of territory by city.

How many Coachmen will I need to have?
That will depend on how fast you build your business. Expect to start with 6 or 8 and grow it quickly from there. Given that many of the Coachmen work occasional hours with Driverseat, you may want to have 40 to 60 total.

How long will it take me to make money / break even etc.?
The answer to that will rest with who you see in the mirror each morning. We provide an excellent recipe for running your business. How well you use that recipe and how effectively you execute your strategy will ultimately determine your growth pattern.

Who are your clientele? Is this a business for drunks?
Far from it. A majority of our customers are middle age, working class to above average income folks who enjoy drinking wine with dinner, having drinks with friends etc. We deal with business owners, get to drive some really nice cars and take families and professionals to the airport. Some on-call clients of course are impaired beyond just a glass or two of wine but overall we attract a great customer base.

How will I know all there is to know about quoting a price or setting up an airport pick up?
That is what we are here for. You will learn from us and we are here to help you if you get stumped. Luke, one of the co-founders, ran the first ever Driverseat Terminal and to this day, is one of the most knowledgeable operations experts in the business.

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