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Welcome to Driverseat Thunder Bay!

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Four Core Services to Meet All Your Needs

Driverseat is the ultimate in convenience, and saves you money by utilizing an asset you already pay for… your vehicle.

Your Schedule, your vehicle, our Coachman.
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Service Pricing Notes
Designated Driver Based on time and distance. Get quote here. Be driven home in the comfort of your own vehicle when you are unable to drive yourself.
Airport Chauffeur – City Limits $25 We drive you to the airport in your own vehicle. We then return your vehicle to your home and store the keys in a secure location until your return.
Assisted Transport $28 / hour More than just transportation. Our Coachmen will provide full assistance and ensure you get to and from your appointments safely.
Chauffeur $28 / hour Your private chauffeur. Be driven anywhere you need to go in the comfort of your own vehicle. Perfect for business people, friends going out for an evening, or date night.

Our Team

Driverseat Thunder Bay

Driverseat has been servicing Thunder Bay and surrounding areas since 2014. We are locally owned and operated and proud to be part of the community.

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Our Coachmen and Coachwomen enjoy the ultimate in flexibility, autonomy, and earning potential. Learn more about working with us in your community, with a few simple steps, you can start right away.


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