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A Helping Hand
Behind The Wheel

Assisted Transport

A helping hand for the elderly. We will get you where you need to go — safely.

Driverseat Assisted Transport provides transportation for seniors or the “vulnerable” sector. Even if you’ve lost your license or are uncomfortable driving, you can live life with dignity, get use of your own vehicle, and enjoy flexibility and freedom — safely.

How it works

Schedule an appointment with a Coachman and not only will they do the driving, but they will also carry their groceries, talk with the pharmacist and ensure they get settled back at home safely. Family and friends can rest assured that their loved one is taken care of when one of our Coachmen take their mom or dad for errands or appointments.

Taxes and gratuity not included.

Assisted Transport

$28starting at
  • Price based on customer living in service area

Call your local franchise for hours.

Enjoy peace of mind and convenience for yourself or a loved one.

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