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Point A to Point B, and even Point C

Vehicle Chauffeur

No driver? We have the solution. Our vehicle chauffeur will move your vehicle wherever you need it.

You’re too busy focusing on work and life to deal with time consuming car tasks. Business professionals, business owners and managers can turn to Driverseat’s Vehicle Chauffeur service any time a vehicle needs to be moved without a passenger.

Here’s just a few ways you may use our vehicle chauffeur service:

  • Taking vehicles across town for oil changes or for other service
  • Picking up fleet vehicles from auction for auto dealers
  • Relocating a car for someone who is unable to drive long distances themselves

We even take the worry out of billing — with the iPhone app or Android app, it’s all automated through credit card.

Taxes and gratuity not included.

Vehicle Chauffeur

$35starting at
  • Price based on customer living in service area

Need a vehicle moved to another location?
We’ll get it there.

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