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I spent many years traveling to New York for work.  I really like the city.  It is vibrant, has some amazing architecture, some of the best theatre productions in the world and a selection of restaurants that are second to none. When the 911 attacks occurred, like many of you, I was without words and


The Difference is Customer Service


Air Travel & The Weather I had a recent flight booked for a business trip from Minneapolis Minnesota to Kitchener Ontario, via Chicago.  Flying back into Kitchener is a treat as the airport is small, not crowded, quick with Canada Customs and close to where I live.  Flying back into Kitchener is a treat as


Your Car Has Abandonment Issues – Guaranteed to Make You Rethink How You Travel

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We’re rolling into the cold season, and just like many of your neighbours, friends and family, you have started poking around the many available online travel sites to find a great vacation deal.  Will it be Cuba, maybe the Dominican Republic, or perhaps you will visit the ancient ruins in Mexico.  You've probably started to


Entrepreneurship and the Role of the Franchise System

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Cure the Monday to Friday work blues.  Work for yourself. Being an independent business operator is not for everyone. But it certainly is for a lot of people in Canada, as an estimated 2.6 million people are self employed.  That is 7.5% of the total population!  Suffice it to say that this number is drastically