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Demand from Businesses Now Outpaces Consumers… And Here’s Why

An interesting thing has happened to Driverseat since the start of the pandemic. The demand for our Business to Business (B2B) services has increased exponentially, while the Business to Consumer (B2C) demand has decreased. Here’s why.    Businesses are asking their employees to limit exposure through carpooling, public transit or using ride-share services. In order

Your Employees Would Benefit From A Shuttle Service

Across the country, employers that are located in remote rural areas are finding it more challenging to recruit people. In particular, factories, meat processing plants, automotive assembly plants and packaging facilities are attracted to the rural areas to take advantage of the tax incentives and lower cost of land acquisition. The challenge is that these

Providing the Vulnerable Sector with Medical and Assisted Transport

The population is aging, community services are overwhelmed, and rural areas are under resourced. The result is a significant gap in transportation options for those who need it most. People who are aging, needing medical treatment, living with mobility challenges, or cognitive impairment find it extremely difficult to get to appointments or run errands.  

Why Driverseat Has No Direct Competitors

Why doesn’t Driverseat have any direct competitors? The shuttle and related transportation industry is an incredible $7 billion dollars industry in Canada. The number is much higher in the U.S. but on a per capita basis, is similar. This makes for a significant opportunity, and one that you would think many companies would want to

How Driverseat is Changing Public Transportation

Does your municipality have adequate public transit? High percentages of the population live some distance from their municipality’s fixed route transit system and travelling across longer distances often require several transfers. Public transportation has become expensive, inefficient and in some cases, ineffective. Particularly in smaller towns or more rural areas, funding a transit system is

5 Ways to Build Trust in Your Team

Building trust with your team is critical for productivity, engagement, and employee retainment. The following five tips are methods Driverseat has implemented to build trust in their teams.    -Talk About Yourself- In order to build trust, you must form relationships with those in your workforce. An important aspect for developing those relationships is to

Manifest the Life You Want – Think Like an Entrepreneur

What makes entrepreneurs different?  This is a question I often get from people. It is extremely difficult to articulate exactly what makes someone entrepreneurial, but there are some clear qualities that give them this distinction. The Oxford Dictionary defines an entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater

Why You Should Become a Driverseat Franchisee

Driverseat is an award-winning company, which strives to out-care the competition and ensure the success of others. Driverseat is a franchise system that has you, the Franchisee, employ teams of Chauffeurs who will then provide services to customers. When it comes to starting a business, many questions and concerns may arise. This is completely reasonable

Being a Chauffeur During COVID-19

The pandemic as a result of COVID-19, has caused health and safety concerns for many. Here at Driverseat, we are following the correct safety protocols to ensure the safety of both of our passengers and our Chauffeurs within our shuttles. We are taking the appropriate safety measures to do our part in stopping the spread

How to Land a $2.7 Million Sale

How does a franchise that has an initial cost of under $50,000 to open have the ability and capacity to land a $2.7 million sale?  Read more here to find out.   When Driverseat launched in 2012, it was designed as a consumer services brand, providing chauffeur services with a goal to incorporate shuttle services. 

What Driverseat New Franchisee Training (NFT) Looks Like

What Driverseat New Franchisee Training (NFT) Looks Like The training and development of franchisees at Driverseat never stops.  However, what happens during NFT sets the stage for the franchise location opening and helps the franchisee prepare to run their business. Franchisee training is an essential investment for Driverseat and its franchisees. Effective training, along with

Why You Should Buy a Franchise Instead of Opening Up Your Own Business 

Why you should buy a franchise instead of opening up your own business    Starting a new business is fun, but it isn’t easy.. It takes hard work, dedication, motivation, and commitment. There are many reasons why buying a franchise is the better, simpler, smarter and more successful option for entrepreneurship.   When you start

If You Want Great Cookies… Follow the Recipe

If you want great cookies… follow the recipe   I love to cook, it is one of my passions. When I can open up my schedule on a Sunday afternoon and prepare several meals it makes for a great day. I learned to cook by developing an understanding of the theory behind certain methods, what

What Is It Like Working with Driverseat Franchisees?

What is it like to work with Driverseat Franchisees?   As Director of Franchise Support with Driverseat, I am privileged to help our Franchisees discover breakthroughs, implement proven best-practice systems, and ultimately profit. I have always enjoyed interacting with different people, and contributing to the success of others, so I find this work to be

Why You Should Incorporate Diversity and Inclusivity Practices and Programs into Your Organization

Why You Should Incorporate Diversity and Inclusivity Practices and Programs into Your Organization Incorporating diversity and inclusivity initiatives is really important.  As a leader, I want to foster the most diverse and welcoming environment within my organization. As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I want to cultivate a space where individuals can be the

3 Reasons Why You Should Open a Driverseat Franchise After COVID-19

3 Reasons why you Should Open a Driverseat Franchise After COVID-19   During these unique circumstances driven by the pandemic, the need for leaders has been greater than ever. Many of us have seen the need to step up in our households, our communities, and our businesses.  For Driverseat franchisees, they are able to fulfil

Meet Driverseat’s Corporate Head Office Team

Meet Driverseat’s Corporate Head Office Team   Driverseat was founded in 2012 by Co-Founders Luke and Brian Bazely. Since then, Driverseat now serves over 400 communities across North America and continues to be leaders in the transportation industry. The team at Driverseat understands that “anything worthwhile doing takes hard work, commitment, and dedication.” This translates

Corporate Culture and Client Experience

Corporate Culture and Client Experience   Why it is even more important during these times, particularly for our team.   I have been given the honour of hosting the final session of the Driverseat Brand Launch, Wine and Dine Driverseat Time. This interactive cocktail hour hosted virtually is an opportunity for us to gather and

What It’s Like Delivering a Brand Launch During COVID-19

What it is like to Deliver a Brand Launch During COVID-19   During these challenging times, it has seemed nearly impossible for brands to focus on marketing development and growth, but at Driverseat, growth was the only path.  After months of curating our new branding, inclusive of new logo designs, new colour palettes, as well

Why We Did A Brand Launch During COVID-19

Why We Did A Brand Launch During COVID-19   In the middle of 2019, we embarked on a journey to evolve our branding. While most would assume that means a new logo, colour schemes and brand elements to create a cohesive look and feel, we amplified that to include our governance, goals, mission, vision and

Two Significant Changes in Transportation are Emerging From COVID-19

Two really significant changes in transportation are emerging from COVID-19.   1. Companies, schools and governments are forward thinking in terms of what ‘the new normal’ looks like. We have been receiving a significant number of inquiries related to transportation which will allow for continued social distancing. Vehicles will operate with a reduced capacity to

Adjusting, Learning and Growing During COVID-19 as a Driverseat Co-op Student

Adjusting, Learning and Growing During COVID-19 as a Driverseat Co-op Student   Thinking back to my first class in my first semester of school when I began learning the basics about communications seems like a lifetime ago. I always thought about how excited I was to apply for my first co-op job and gain work

Becoming Self-Employed Post-Covid

Becoming self-employed post-Covid19 Have you lost your job?  Is your company struggling?     No one wishes that upon you, your co-workers or your organization, but it is the reality at times, especially during this post-Covid time.  We talk to a lot of people about opening their own business and during times of uncertainty, the volume

Everything is OK… or is it? 

Everything is OK… or is it?    Christmas Day 2019 was extraordinarily normal. When I look back at the photos of that day, leading into the New Year, I see family and friends holding hands, hugging, squeezing together for a great photo, and sharing food and drinks.    Since then, there has been a complete

Driving Business During Covid-19

I just got fired from my job … and from life.   When a person is let go from the life they know, it can be devastating. They may face a finite amount of time where a combination of emotions and fear can paralyze them.   On March 17th 2020, in response to Covid-19, the

3 Reasons for Expanding into the United States

  Driverseat has now opened the first two of six territories in two states, Georgia and Tennessee.  This milestone is important for this brand for three reasons.   REASON #1   Canada will soon be 50% sold out of territories.  The only way for Driverseat to continue its incredible growth is to develop the business

Driverseat’s Shuttle Service is Growing by 100%

Four reasons our shuttle service is growing by 100%   In a mature category (shuttle services exist in an industry that is decades old), seeing a low single percentage increase year after year is generally seen as reasonable.   Then why is Driverseat shuttle services growing by over 100%?  We have identified four key components

Owning a Driverseat Franchise, is the Greatest Role in the World

Income is the Second Best Part of Being a Franchisee     Owning a franchise, in particular a Driverseat franchise, is the greatest role in the world.  There are so many benefits to being a franchise owner and until you have been one, you often only think of a few.   When my team talks

Creating Driverseat Culture Through Food

Mandatory Fun Lunch at Driverseat   Every Friday, our head office team and corporate Chauffeurs get together for Mandatory Fun Lunch – MFL (where the fun is mandatory). This has become an important tradition in our culture because it is the one time that everyone shuts down their computers and phones, to sit together and

What is stopping you from joining this amazing team?

Well? What are you waiting for?   It is that time of year again, when you are likely pining over your New Year’s resolutions, setting lofty goals for 2020 (even though you may subconsciously believe you won’t achieve them), or pumping yourself up to get back to the fitness club to hit those fitness targets.

Why 2019 Has Been A Critical Year For Driverseat

2019 has been an incredible year of monumental changes and extreme growth for Driverseat.   We launched in the U.S. 2019 brought perhaps one of the most significant milestones we have hit in our history. After only 6 years of franchising in Canada, we awarded the first U.S. territories. Located in Middle Tennessee (Nashville area),

Driverseat Owns the Shuttle Business

Driverseat Owns the Shuttle Business   Driverseat has made some incredible advancement in the shuttle industry over the past 8 years.  The shuttle industry has been around for decades, however, had not changed much in how it was being serviced.   Until Driverseat came into the light.   The shuttle industry is a $7 billion

Benefits of being a Franchisee!

Benefits of being a Franchisee!   I started my franchising career as a franchisee.  Leaving a top job at a multi-billion dollar company to start my own business was exciting.  Doing it as a franchisee was something I didn’t expect to do, but it was life changing. That was 12 years ago. I became so

4 Time Management Tips for Business Owners

1. Discipline A common word, often incorrectly applied. Discipline is about training yourself to do the little things, the seemingly unimportant things correctly and routinely. Managing email, invoicing clients, managing accounts receivable and auditing the performance of your business or team (among other things) are all tasks that require a disciplined approach to be done

Huge Day For Two Driverseat Franchisees (and A Couple of Schools)

Two Driverseat franchisees shared big news today. Our franchisee in London, ON started a significant contract transporting students between their residence and the University of Western, while our franchisee in Barrie, ON was awarded a contract transporting students to Georgian College campuses. Driverseat franchise owners all across Canada are being pursued by schools, municipalities, government

Driverseat Opening in Owen Sound, ON, Canada

Following explosive growth in Alberta, Driverseat franchisee Adam McKeachnie adds another location to the list of Ontario Terminals. Owen Sound will officially open this summer, and will be offering the many great Driverseat services to the region. Like on Facebook here – Follow on Instagram here –

Why the Grand Prize Award Hasn’t Changed Our Franchise

At this year’s Canadian Franchise Association annual conference, we were humbled to receive the Grand Prize for a non-traditional franchise (franchise systems that operate without bricks and mortar). This is an award that took us by surprise, but also reaffirmed for us that we are doing some great things, attracting extraordinary  people, and building a

Driverseat’s Shuttle Service Heats Up in Waterloo Region

When we launched our Shuttle service only months ago, we knew we were meeting a unique demand in the marketplace, but had no idea what the demand truly was. Over the past few months, we have seen triple digit growth in our specialized shuttle offering. Demand has been so great, that we have been declining

Watch: Driverseat Franchise Partner on CBC Business News

Driverseat Burlington Franchisee Mike McMillan on CBC Business News

Watch: Speeding Amtrack Train Blasts Passengers with Snow

  An Amtrack train blasted commuters with snow upon its arrival at the station. An Amtrak commuter train may have been travelling a bit too quickly into the station after snow from Stella. Nick Colvin filmed the whole thing in slow motion, in a Kamikaze move that resulted in him taking the blast himself.

Cofounder Luke Bazely featured on CTV’s “Made Right Here”

Driverseat co-founder Luke Bazely was featured on CTV's 'Made Right Here' in Kitchener. The interview was on the heels of Driverseat winning the Innovation Award at the KW Chamber of Commerce Gala.

What Makes our Innovation Award Special?

In an area so vibrant with innovation, we were extremely proud and humbled to be recognized at the Greater KW Chamber of Commerce with the Innovation Award. Our technology, service offering, and franchise model are certainly innovative and we very proud of that, but we did not anticipate this level of recognition. On behalf of

Profile of a Driverseat Designated Driver

Putting your finger on what makes someone a great Coachman with Driverseat is very difficult, if not, impossible. Every person who has or is working with us does so for different reasons. We have had a number of people over the years who have said, "I never thought I would do a job like this,

Why People are Loving our New Designated Driver App

Driverseat app shown on iPhone 6 Plus Change is always tough, and the launch of our new mobile app was no exception. Going from a system where you can call 24/7, pay cash, and not worry about downloading app-thingy's, to a system where you create your profile, enter your credit card and book a Coachman

You Don’t Just Build Culture… It Has to be Part of You

There are definitely some challenges in franchising, both for franchisees, and franchisors. When posed with those challenges, I often remind our franchise partners, staff, and vendors that if it were easy, everyone would do it. It isn't easy, and it isn't always comfortable, but when you embrace the brand, the essence of the brand's DNA,

3 Reasons to be a Driver (Chauffeur)

Driverseat is changing the way people look at transportation. Heading out for an evening with friends or family, and taking a driver with them is becoming a common occurance. It wouldn't be possible without the amazing Coachmen and Coachwomen who provide the service through our Driverseat franchise. In nearly 400 communities, thousands of drivers, working part

I Wouldn’t Have Been a Driverseat Coachman

Reflecting back on when I was younger, life was simple, lots of fun, and my wife and I were DINK's (dual income no kids). Because we did not need extra income at that time (which is not the case today with three kids), I would not necessarily have ever considered driving as Coachman for Driverseat. Our

5 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Impaired Driving

We have provided Designated Driver services to over one hundred thousand people in a short three years, and we couldn't be more proud of that. What we have learned as we have built and expanded our business, is that while there is no shortage of advocacy and education around the dangers of impaired driving, thanks

Driverseat is Highlighted in Canadian Franchise Magazine

Check out this feature article in Canadian Franchising Magazine which was done on Driverseat.   Driverseat co-founders Luke and Brian Bazely featured in Canadian Franchising Magazine.

Driverseat Expands into Oakville Ontario

DRIVERSEAT OPENS IN OAKVILLE ONTARIO Franchise Owners Kirk Teeple and Maria De Palma announce Grand Opening. Kitchener, Ontario – Driverseat is proud to announce the opening of the Oakville Ontario franchise. “We are fortunate to have Kirk and Maria as our Franchise Partners in this important market,” states Brian Bazely, Co-founder Driverseat Inc. “We have

Driverseat expands into Burlington and Milton.

Mike and Patti have launched Driverseat franchises in Burlington and Milton Ontario New franchise partners Mike and Patti McMillan have launched three new territories in Burlington and Milton, Ontario. The two bring significant experience and knowledge to our brand, and we couldn't be happier to have them on board. Look forward to upcoming information on

Everyone says you should be in business… But should you?

Check out this article by co-founder, Luke Bazely, talking about things to consider when determining if you should be in business for yourself. Everyone says you should be in business... But should you?

Driverseat Conference 2015 A Huge Success

Driverseat franchise partners join together for the first ever annual conference. Last weekend, we held our first annual conference for our franchise partners. Perhaps the most incredible element was the fact that when we decided to hold the conference and started working on it, there were 6 locations. That was in November of 2014. By

Driverseat Doubles in Size

March 21, 2015 DRIVERSEAT NOW SERVICES DOUBLE THE MARKETS SERVICED IN 2014 With the growth experienced in the past 12 weeks, Driverseat has big plans for 2015 Kitchener, Ontario – Driverseat doubled in size in December of 2014, and has since sold the rights to 4 more territories. The Kitchener-based franchise now has 16 territories

Driverseat Expansion into Markham Area

    WILLIAM LUI OPENS DRIVERSEAT MARKHAM ONTARIO Franchise Owner William Lui to also open Richmond Hill North and Richmond Hill South Territories William Lui and Perry Chow open Driverseat Markham in Feb. 2015 Kitchener, Ontario – Driverseat services continue to expand to new communities with the recent opening of Markham Ontario, located north east

Driverseat Expansion into Durham Region

  DRIVERSEAT SET TO OPEN IN DURHAM REGION Franchise Owner Rick Fisher has secured 3 territories Kitchener, Ontario – Driverseat is pleased to announce that Rick Fisher has secured the rights to Driverseat and will be opening in York East and in Durham Central, both areas located on the east side of Toronto Ontario. Rick

4 Reasons to Be a Driverseat Coachman

Whether its part time work to generate supplemental income, or more regular work you are looking for, becoming a Driverseat Coachman is a great option for anyone who loves to create a great customer experience. In the cities we operate in, we are always on the prowl for self motivated, professional people to serve our

Driverseat Press Release – January 2015

January 30, 2015 MATT AND ALISON STOVOLD EXPAND SERVICES IN NEWMARKET FRANCHISE Franchise Owner Matt Stovold provides services in Newmarket, Aurora and Bradford Kitchener, Ontario – Driverseat is pleased to have Matt Stovold take over the Newmarket franchise and expand the services offered. The Newmarket site was originally a test site for Driverseat corporate, offering

5 Ways Businesses Use Our Professional Driving Services

The most significant growth in our business comes from B2B (Business to Business). Many business owners, managers or executives are setting up accounts to utilize professional driving services with their Driverseat franchise owner. The following are the 5 most common used services by businesses: A Driverseat Coachman providing chauffeur service to a business person. i)

Busy Nights Ahead

Last night marked the busiest night (with exception to New Year's Eve) in Driverseat's history. This is very encouraging given that it was a typical December Saturday night. Many Holiday parties were booked, which kept our teams extremely busy in all communities, and call-in traffic was at an all time high, as our collective dispatchers

Driverseat Expansion Underway

2015 will bring further growth to our business as people look to find alternative methods of transportation. 2014 is coming to an end and was a foundational year for Driverseat, as 4 new locations launched and the cities we service grew from 22 to more than 50! Looking ahead, we have a new franchise partner

Changing Decades Old Habits Not an Easy Task

In 1981, in Kitchener, ON, the first household recycling pilot was launched. Prior to this time, all waste generated in a household was taken to landfill in plastic garbage bags. While it may seem like that was a lifetime ago, and we could not imagine life without recycling today, it took a significant shift in

Driving Lane… Or Passing Lane?

I don’t get frustrated with many of the bad driving habits I see daily on our roads. After spending over 20 years commuting to Toronto, I believe I have more experience with traffic than the average person who commutes, as an example, 5 or 6 km to work. I logged over 2 million kilometers during

Too early to start planning for the cold weather? We don’t think so…

How often have you made it to the Holiday season, and said "I wish I were more prepared?". It happens to many of us, and often is driven from our loathing of the cold winter months. In preparing for the Holidays, we are actually admitting that the cold weather is imminent. Here are a few

Drinking and driving in Arizona? We guarantee you won’t after you hear about this…

Drinking and driving in Maricopa County (which includes Phoenix and surrounding areas) comes with a very unique punishment. My co-founder, Brian, and I were in the area recently for a conference, and learned that the local Sheriff (in most circles, a very unpopular man) created Tent City more than 16 years ago. This is a

5 Reasons to Start Your Own Home Based Business

In the face of increased competition for jobs, and a decrease in the number of jobs available, many North Americans are fleeing the office or factory for a home based business. While everyone has a different set of circumstances giving them the push for self employment, there are a few common threads weaving them together.

Graduated Licensing is Brilliant

Over a recent family dinner, I had an interesting conversation with my wife’s parents, her grandfather and my two daughters, both of which have their driver’s license but both of which are subject to the graduated licensing system. My daughters grew up knowing that if you drink, you are not to drive.  Even in the days

Alcohol Consumption Patterns in Canada

Wine is “King” in Canada.  Well, it isn’t yet but it is likely to become King if the current trends continue.  Canada is known as a country that loves our beer.  The funny video from Tim Hicks called “Stronger Beer” speaks to the differences between the U.S. and Canada but focuses on our love of

Tell It Like It Is – 5 Reasons to Provide Feedback

We have all had experiences when dealing with companies that are either exceptional, or make you wonder how the business is still in existence. While there certainly is an enormous gap between mediocre companies and exceptional companies, there is typically one common thread across them all. They actually want your feedback. The question is, would

En Route to Success – CFA Magazine

En Route to Success - CFA MagazineDriverseat was the focus of an "Emerging System" article in the CFA Magazine recently. Click on the link to read the entire article.

5 “Must Have” Items for Your Vehicle

On a recent road trip to Northern Ontario, I was faced with a situation that I had long been worried would happen. With my three children in the back seat of the truck, and the box of the truck completely filled with "travel necessities", we picked up a sharp piece of metal on the highway

…and now you are self employed.

I was recently asked to speak at a conference on how to transition from corporate life to entrepreneur.  Many Canadians and Americans have a dream of working for themselves, being their own boss and making themselves a lot of money, not working to make others rich.  The explosion of businesses across Canada and the U.S.

You’d Be Home By Now… If You Worked From Home

A recent article in the Huffington Post detailed the traffic congestion in various North American cities.  Vancouver was found to be the worst city out of all major cities reviewed. The study goes on to say that the average commuter spends 11.6 days a year on their drive to and from work.  This is

“Trust is the glue of life…”

"Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships." -Stephen Covey


I spent many years traveling to New York for work.  I really like the city.  It is vibrant, has some amazing architecture, some of the best theatre productions in the world and a selection of restaurants that are second to none. When the 911 attacks occurred, like many of you, I was without words and

The Difference is Customer Service

Air Travel & The Weather I had a recent flight booked for a business trip from Minneapolis Minnesota to Kitchener Ontario, via Chicago.  Flying back into Kitchener is a treat as the airport is small, not crowded, quick with Canada Customs and close to where I live.  Flying back into Kitchener is a treat as

51 minutes is not a lot of time

51 minutes.  How long is that exactly.  It is roughly the time it takes to watch a 1-hour TV program (while fast forwarding the commercials), it is the length of a class in high school, just over the average commute time for someone in a bedroom community outside of Toronto and it is the average

Top 5 Tips for Planning Your Vacation

I am an avid traveler. When I am asked what type of travel I like, I have trouble answering becaus e the experience of travel is something that I live for. I am fortunate to have a wife of 21 years who loves to travel as much as I do. I am more fortunate that

Transportation Challenges for the “Sandwich Generation”

The Sandwich Generation is classified as middle-aged people who have to care for their parents and their children. The middle generation between the younger and the older generations. For example, one may be classified as a part of the Sandwich Generation if they have an 18-year-old daughter and an 84-year-old mother. My father recently gave

An ‘Old’ Issue Grows New Legs – Managing An Aging Population

You are living under a rock if you aren’t aware that Canada’s population is aging, and that trend is expected to continue for the next 25 years, at least. This will present myriad challenges to us as a society. Will it put a strain on our income assistance programs, such as Old Age Security? Of

Your Car Has Abandonment Issues – Guaranteed to Make You Rethink How You Travel

We are rolling into the colder months, and like many of your neighbours, friends and family, you have started poking around the many available online travel sites to find a great vacation deal. Will it be Cuba, maybe the Dominican Republic, or perhaps you will visit the ancient ruins in Mexico. You've probably started to

Entrepreneurship and the Role of the Franchise System

An estimated 2.6 million people are self employed in Canada; that is 7.5% of the total population! Suffice it to say that this number is drastically under-inflated, given the scale of the underground economy in Canada, estimated to be worth nearly $40 billion.  That, no doubt, comprises a number of ill advised entrepreneurs earning their

A Sip or Two to Change a Life

Every day, thousands of people across North America make the critical decision, whether or not to drive their vehicle after having a few drinks. Many believe that they haven’t had enough to drink to warrant making the decision to use another means to get home. Or perhaps with some, the intoxication level is so high,