Four Trends From 2020 That Explain Why Our Business is Growing

Four Trends From 2020 That Explain Why Our Business is Growing

I have always surrounded myself with optimistic people; it lines up well with my personal values and to be honest, it just makes my days more fun. 


That doesn’t mean we ignore challenges or crises… it simply means we choose to be hopeful.


As we navigate the final months of 2020, a year that has brought challenges to many, we pause to take a look at some of the trends that have emerged that have contributed in a positive way to our business.


Accelerated Adoption of Digital – We have had access to video chats and web learning for decades, and they have seen more adoption over the past six months than the past 6 years. Digital methods are improving with use, creating efficiencies that will outlast revolving shut downs. Increasing digital interactions improves our profitability and as an added bonus, contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. With video conferencing, we have more face to face interactions than before COVID-19, and we are more flexible with on-boarding new team members helping us grow faster.


Customers Becoming More Confident with Online Services – Increasing consumer confidence in buying online and using apps gives a competitive advantage to businesses that operate that way. We believe that our early adoption of digital technology is one of the reasons customers are choosing us, and potential franchise partners keep checking us out.


Emphasis on Local – As people focus more on the local economy for reasons of recovery and convenience, businesses that support local initiatives and have a notable local presence are thriving. Our franchise system brings the strength of an international brand to the passion and knowledge of a local owner, which is the perfect marriage to deliver solid solutions to the challenges of local communities.


High Standards for Business – Consumers today are empowered to call out companies that are perceived as taking advantage of a situation. Our business is rooted in a clear set of core values that are communicated to our network of Franchise partners who are held accountable to upholding them. As a socially responsible franchise, it is in our DNA to support our communities. 


We will continue to view the future with optimism and watch emerging trends carefully. We are honoured to be part of a growing network of passionate and innovative entrepreneurs leading the way to successful recovery.










Leanne Shanks

Director of Franchise Support