Employers are Using Shuttles to Attract and Retain Talent… Here’s How

Employers are Using Shuttles to Attract and Retain Talent… Here’s How

Employers are using shuttles to attract and retain talent… here’s how. Schools and recruitment agencies are also turning to shuttle services in an attempt to attract more people… and it’s working. Here are 4 examples of how we have been tapped to participate in the process: 


  1. Three large employers in a community that is somewhat isolated and limited in terms of a labour pool have implemented a shuttle service to transport anywhere from 35 to 150 people per shift from a larger centre one hour away. This has created the opportunity to recruit more people because they are not required to have a vehicle, or if they do, they aren’t driving it one hour each way. At an average of $10 per head per day, this is an extremely cost effective way to ensure that production demands are met. 
  2. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, several employers have opted to provide a local shuttle service for their team members who typically ride public transit. Keeping your team safe and healthy is paramount to ensuring the viability of your business. Having staff take time off sick, particularly with something as severe as COVID, is extremely costly and disruptive. 
  3. Several recruitment agencies have employed Driverseat shuttle services to meet the cyclical demand of temporary labour. Swings in production demand result in a dynamic and variable work force which can often only be met by recruitment agencies. Many associates who are working with these agencies are recently immigrated, recently graduated, or for many other reasons, they are unable to own a vehicle. With a shuttle service, they have been able to place associates dynamically by shifting where they work based on the demands of their clients. 
  4. Hospitals with remote parking lots, companies with several buildings, and schools with remote dormitories employ Driverseat shuttles as a means to ensure that employees or students have convenient solutions, and they aren’t left to find their own way. As a recruitment strategy, this has proven to be very successful. 


When evaluating a shuttle service, there are several considerations. Given the current crisis, sanitation and cleanliness is paramount. Furthermore, working with an experienced operator who can provide a ‘right-sized’ vehicle to service your needs will ensure that you are getting the most value and not paying for vehicles that are larger than required. 


Doug McLennan is the Business Development Manager at Driverseat Kitchener. With years of experience in business operations and leadership, Doug works with you to determine the best solution for your business or institution, with a focus on value and your experience.










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