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How Driverseat Persevered Through the Pandemic

“I had to become a wartime CEO and really push people outside their comfort zones, but still remain empathetic because this was more than just commerce. This was health.” – Brian Bazely     Recently, CEO Brian Bazely spoke to The Globe and Mail about navigating the pandemic while operating a business. Driverseat was highlighted


Driverseat is the Franchise That Just Keeps Growing

Driverseat fosters an environment where we support and encourage development in all of our locations. Over the last quarter, we have seen an exceptional increase in demand for our services. Many of our franchise partners have tackled this increase in ride bookings by adding new vehicles to their fleet and bringing in more Chauffeurs.   


Three Things You Might Not Know About Driverseat

At Driverseat, we like to get to know the people we work with, whether that be our franchise partners, our Chauffeurs, or our customers. We believe that forming personal relationships with the people involved with our business fosters a stronger community. That being said, a relationship is a two way street, so we figured it


How Driverseat has Capitalized on the Airport Shuttle Industry

The pent-up demand for air travel is creating a boom in the airport shuttle market. Our franchisees are reporting significant increases in trip requests for airports across Canada and the U.S. In some cases, major airports could have a dozen bright orange Driverseat vans from multiple franchise locations simultaneously picking up groups returning from their


Driverseat Tests New Elite Black SUV Service

There is nothing like a black executive class SUV driven by a professional Chauffeur to add a touch of luxury to an event. We suppose you could say it makes the experience elite.  Driverseat Elite is the Elite service for everyone that is now being offered at select locations. These Terminals will provide the opportunity