Driverseat Q4 2022 Newsletter: Message From The CEO + What’s to come

Driverseat Q4 2022 Newsletter: Message From The CEO + What’s to come

As Driverseat exits the pandemic it is important to review the milestones and lessons learned that allowed the forward-thinking company to thrive in an unexpected environment.


This year Driverseat made a name for itself in the airline transportation industry by having a forward-thinking culture to identify and service the needs of travelers in a post-pandemic world. This entrepreneurial spirit brings excitement to summer events by offering transportation that out-cares the competition wherever you need to go.


This year as the pandemic came to a close, Driverseat remained focused on creating the best experience for their Franchise Partners, their employment teams, and the communities in which they serve. With the opening of nine new territories in British Columbia, including Abbotsford, Surrey, and the lower mainland, Driverseat is excited to see continued growth in new regions of North America.


Driverseat CEO, Brian Bazely has this to say about the exciting new things that are on the horizon for Driverseat:


When Brian sat down with Abby, a new Franchisee with nine territories opening up in BC, a real fixation Abby had was on the client experience. In Abby’s words “I believe people should always come first…When I start my Driverseat locations in Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission, Langly, Surrey, etc I want to make sure I am providing the customer with the most value possible!” Abby comes in with great energy and with a commitment to learn and grow. We are excited to see the growth and expansion that Abby and Driverseat Abbotsford will have. 


Brian Bazely CEO and Co-Founder of Driverseat has a few words to share about the past fiscal year and what the future holds for Driverseat:


  • Abby & Abbotsford 

“Having a father / son team opening up 9 territories in BC is exciting, not only for them and their team, but for the customers in their markets.  Every day we come to this office excited to help franchise partners realize their dream of business ownership. Customers in the Lower Mainland part of BC will now be able to enjoy Driverseat services as they launch airport, charter and wedding shuttle services.”


  • Best moment of the past fiscal year

Driverseat franchisees are a resilient group, having not only survived the pandemic period but in so many cases, thrived throughout.  While it is difficult to narrow the many examples down to one, having one of our new franchise partners break the Driverseat record for revenue achieved prior to opening was one that stands out.


  • What is something Driverseat is looking forward to rolling out

At Driverseat, we are focused on the customer experience, the customer journey and on continuing to grow consumer revenue at each franchise location.  This fall we will finally have the entire team together for Conference 2022, the first since 2019.  At that time we will roll out our vision for Driverseat, the future and how we will collectively accomplish great things.  Always a highlight for the Driverseat family, I am looking forward to that event and all that we will deliver.