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Ottawa Wedding Transportation | Driverseat Ottawa

Why You Need Wedding Transportation in Ottawa


Preparing for a wedding in Ottawa? Congratulations! One of the most important days of your life, your wedding and all the preparations including bridal showers, bachelor and bachelorette parties can be difficult and stressful to plan logistically. That’s where our private chauffeur and shuttle services shine — booking your Ottawa wedding transportation lets us worry about the driving so you can focus on your big day. 

Why book Wedding Transportation

Organizing a wedding and all its festivities is no easy feat. Having a dedicated driver can make the process so much easier — you have your own private transportation for the engagement party, the bridal shower, the bachelor party, the bachelorette party, and of course, the wedding itself! With your Ottawa wedding, events can be at a venue out of town, or further from downtown neighborhoods like Kanata and Barrhaven where it can be expensive to take a taxi every time. Organized, reliable, responsible, pre-booked and courteous chauffeur service can make a big difference in planning a smooth wedding for the couple and the wedding guests. 

Ottawa Wedding Transportation is Hassle-free

Imagine you have the entire wedding party, who need to be at the venue on time for the photos. The photographer is waiting but people are late! It’s stressful and completely unnecessary when you have other worries. When you book group wedding transportation, you have all your guests together in one vehicle so everyone arrives on time for the photos, the venue, and the reception, and the group stays together throughout the day. No need to worry about parking or drinking and driving, group transportation takes care of designated driving at the same time. 

Group Wedding Transportation is convenient 

Even if your wedding party arrives on time, what if someone forgot their dress shoes or a change of clothes? Booking wedding transportation for your Ottawa celebrations not only organizes your party but also provides a great storage solution! Guests can store bridesmaid dresses, suits, extra clothes, decorations, shoes, water bottles, snacks and anything else in our vehicles. Nobody and nothing will be left behind! 

Wedding transportation lets you focus on your guests

With pre-booked vehicles for your Ottawa wedding, you know that transportation is taken care of and everything will go smoothly. Your guests will greatly appreciate the couple arranging transportation for them, so they can focus on celebrating you and your love without worrying about getting home after a night of partying. Plus, with a wedding, guests often incur big costs with purchasing bridesmaid or groomsmen outfits and getting gifts for multiple celebrations like bridal showers, so if you take care of their transportation, it will go a long way. With one less thing removed from your plate, you as a couple can also focus on your guests and being in the moment celebrating the joy and making memories for life! 


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