Corporate Shuttle

Corporate Shuttle

We specialize in providing customized, agile transportation solutions for businesses, municipalities, social programs, and families. We operate a technology enabled platform allowing you to track the status of your shuttle, and receive real time updates. Passengers love our vibrantly branded vehicles which are late model vans and minibuses that are impeccably kept. We have the experience needed to build a solution that will exceed your expectations, and will partner with you to help you achieve your goals.



Access to municipal transit is a challenge for those who do not live or work on the planned bus route. In the days of agile on-demand transportation services, there is also less tolerance for rigid schedules and wait times. The growth of microtransit is assisting with that, providing options for those who live in rural areas, or some distance from the planned routes. We specialize in planning and implementing microtransit solutions, partnering with municipalities, transit authorities, and transit subsidiaries (accessible buses, etc.).


Last Mile – Employee Shuttle

Employees who use public transit or other forms of transportation are often challenged with the ‘Last Mile’ which is the underserviced portion of their trip into work. Employers, staffing agencies, and municipalities are recognizing this gap in transportation options, and are partnering with us to develop solutions that both meet the logistics challenge and their budget. Using agile solutions and a purpose-built fleet of vehicles, we are able to optimize for cost and convenience, giving you an opportunity to attract the best talent for your organization.


Hotels & Retirement Homes

Hotels and retirement homes are taking advantage of our optimized services, and benefit from our care-based approach. Our vibrantly branded vehicles, technology, and highly trained Coachmen will ensure your guests and residents have a great experience.


Students & Seniors

Working with the vulnerable sector, we have developed protocols, training and communication strategies to ensure that those who need the most care receive it consistently. Senior day programs, private schools, neighbourhood associations, and parents all depend on our team to provide reliable, safe and care-based transportation for those who matter most to them.

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