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What are the Opportunities?

Shuttle Services

Provide exceptional experiences in our late model vans and buses. Ranging from 7 to 24 passenger vehicles, we offer airport ground transportation, wedding shuttles, charters & tours and Care+ services. Check with your local franchise for part time and full time opportunities.

Chauffeur Services

Provide service to clients in their own vehicle (e.g. medical appointments, the airport, vehicle servicing). At participating locations only.

Designated Driver

Offer a safe, socially responsible option to clients who are impaired. Select a partner to work with and drive people home in their own vehicles. At participating locations only.

How it Works


Get registered with a franchise


Download the app


Go online


Review pre-assigned or available rides


Accept and start a trip


Get turn by turn navigation


Ask for a rating and a tip


  • How much money can I earn?

    This depends on how often you work and the customer experience that you deliver.

    There are different ways to earn money at Driverseat. As a chauffeur, you will work with a local franchise and accept prescheduled trips. The more trips you take, the more money you will earn.

    As a designated driver, the more you’re available online the more money you can earn.

    As a shuttle Chauffeur, you’re more likely to be an employee of a franchise than an independent contractor and will be compensated based on experience, license class, etc. The specifics can be arranged through your local Driverseat franchise.

    Providing great client experiences will enhance your tips and boost your earnings dramatically.

  • How does the Driverseat mobile app work?

    Each of our services is performed using our innovative mobile app dispatching technology. This connects you with the client throughout the process, and they can provide a rating and a tip for you right inside the app.

  • As a designated driver, do I have to find my own partner?

    In our experience, designated drivers who bring their own partner earn more money. This is because it frees up time for the franchise owner to grow the business and manage the schedule, rather than spending time pairing up partners. Bringing your own partner not only means more trips for you, it also offers the opportunity to work with someone you know and trust.

  • Do I set my own hours?

    This depends upon the role you perform. With chauffeur services, most often you will set your own hours and accept jobs based on your schedule.

    With shuttle services, there will be a mix of scheduled and flexible hours. If you’re an independent contractor, you must be able to set your own schedule.

  • Is this full time or part time?

    In some shuttle locations, there are opportunities for full-time employment, and in other locations there may be openings for dispatchers, coordinators, marketers and supervisors. Connect with your local franchise for more information on what’s available.

  • Do I have to use my own vehicle?

    You will never use your own vehicle to transport passengers.

    As a chauffeur, you will use your vehicle to get to the client and then drive them to their destination using their vehicle.

    As a designated driver, you will use your vehicle to meet clients but will drive them where they need to go in their own vehicle. Your partner or “chaser” will follow you.

    With shuttle services, you will always transport clients using fleet vehicles supplied by Driverseat.

  • Does it help if I have industry experience?

    Yes. If you have experience driving a shuttle bus, taxi, limo, school bus, or if you’re a police officer or paramedic, then working as a shuttle Chauffeur will be an awesome fit for you. You will love the variety and customized nature of our services.

  • What does it mean to drive with purpose?

    Driverseat is founded upon a care-based approach to client experience. You could be a designated driver helping impaired individuals get home safely or you may be providing chauffeur or shuttle services to others who cannot or choose not to drive. No matter your role, you will find this work very rewarding in that it fulfills the desire to purposefully give back to your community.

  • I am interested in a franchise. What do I do?

    First of all, that’s exciting! As luck would have it, we’re interested in you becoming a franchise partner. Click here for more information.

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