Your Questions Answered About Owning a Driverseat Franchise

Your Questions Answered About Owning a Driverseat Franchise

What is Driverseat?

Driverseat is an award-winning transportation franchise based out of Ontario, Canada. We have been operating since 2012 and have franchise locations across Canada and the U.S. We provide charter and shuttle transportation services in 7 to 24 passenger vehicles. Our leisure services are Charters & Tours, Wedding Shuttles, Airport Transportation and Care+ which is focused on the vulnerable population. We also partner with corporations and government agencies to support their transportation needs on a contract basis.

How do I make money as a franchise partner? 

Local brand building and marketing is one of the core responsibilities of a franchise partner. Using our recipe, in the early days of your launch, you will engage in digital marketing, building community partnerships, networking and building your team. Over time, your marketing efforts will shift from being primarily outbound digital marketing to inbound marketing. Much of your lead generation and demand will come from providing a remarkable client experience and having wrapped vehicles driving around your territory.  

What can I expect from the support team? 

Our support and coaching is industry leading. You will have access to an online learning management system (LMS) to receive initial training and upgrade training over time. At any point, you may book 1:1 coaching with our support team to help you with any issues that are preventing you from executing your plan. In addition,  you will be placed in a peer mentorship group with other franchise partners of varying experience that meet weekly to discuss strategy and hold each other accountable. Our core mission is to ensure your profitability and success. 

Why wouldn’t I just start my own transportation business? 

This is a common question in franchising. There are many reasons, both strategic and pragmatic. Franchise businesses statistically have a much higher success rate than independent businesses. There are myriad reasons, but the primary one is that with a franchise, you have support, tools, systems and coaching that you could never afford on your own. Strategically, you have to recognize that your learning curve relative to the industry and how to run a business is exponentially faster when done in a franchise system, assuming you choose the right one.

A franchise is best suited for someone who wants autonomy, who wants to reduce the risk of starting a business and who is willing to follow a recipe.

How successful is Driverseat?

While we don’t provide financial performance representations, our reputation speaks for itself. A quick scan of our online reputation across the locations that are currently operating will provide a glimpse into our commitment to provide a remarkable experience for our clients. 

As you work through your due diligence in deciding whether or not to open a Driverseat location, you will have an opportunity to speak with existing partners who can provide some further insight into their success. 

What is the culture like at Driverseat?

We have a culture of transparency, authenticity, compassion and high performance. Every person from the franchise partners to the executive team is expected to check their ego, collaborate and live by the mantra that a rising tide lifts all ships. We do not create this culture by putting posters up on the walls, but rather by living through our core values and having the integrity to do what we say we are going to do.  

Do franchise owners drive the vehicles?

Definitely not! We want you to experience the service through the Chauffeur perspective so performing some trips early in your launch is important. You will be building a strategic plan for your business as part of our operating system and in that plan you will address your recruitment needs based on your revenue growth plan. There should always be enough Chauffeurs to allow you to work on your business and not in it. 

How much does it cost to open a Driverseat franchise?

This figure changes over time and has a range depending on whether you are opening one or multiple locations. We recommend checking out our website for more information

What do my franchise fee and royalties pay for?

Your initial franchise fee is required to acquire a designated and protected Driverseat territory. It also funds the work required on our part to take you through the process of being a franchise partner. Your monthly royalties and fees fund the work that goes into supporting you as a franchisee as well as the technology stack, marketing resources, pricing tools, website and R&D that we do on your behalf. 

Does the franchisee need to own an office?

Yes, you are required to open a small office with space for your fleet vehicles within 90 days of opening.

What is the Driverseat tech stack?

Technology is changing and evolving all the time and we are progressive in our approach to it. The current tech stack provides you with accounting, dispatch, client relationship management (CRM), vehicle management and telematics and productivity software. 

Do you need experience to start?

No, in fact, in some cases, it can hold you back. Your role as a franchise partner is to lead and grow your business. You may choose to hire employees who have transportation experience, but with exception to your Chauffeurs, even that is not necessary. We will provide the framework, software and coaching you need to be successful. How you engage with those resources will ultimately determine your success.

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