What It’s Like Being an Employee at Driverseat Head Office During a Pandemic

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The Power of Social Media in Business

Driverseat franchisees start as a home-based business. They hire a team of Chauffeurs to provide services in customer’s vehicles, eliminating the need for a fleet of vehicles. They then launch the shuttle service and build the fleet of mid-sized commercial vans as they build the business, sometimes needing only a few vehicles in the first


Driverseat Is a Transportation Company That Doesn’t Hire Drivers

Driverseat is a transportation company that doesn’t hire “drivers”. Franchisees hire “Chauffeurs”, not drivers – and there is a difference.    What makes your business stand out? What makes it memorable and what makes it different from the competition? Well it isn’t just one thing, it is a series of things that when combined, make


Providing the Vulnerable Sector with Medical and Assisted Transport

The population is aging, community services are overwhelmed, and rural areas are under resourced. The result is a significant gap in transportation options for those who need it most. People who are aging, needing medical treatment, living with mobility challenges, or cognitive impairment find it extremely difficult to get to appointments or run errands.  


Why Driverseat Has No Direct Competitors

Why doesn’t Driverseat have any direct competitors? The shuttle and related transportation industry is an incredible $7 billion dollars industry in Canada. The number is much higher in the U.S. but on a per capita basis, is similar. This makes for a significant opportunity, and one that you would think many companies would want to


How Driverseat is Changing Public Transportation

Does your municipality have adequate public transit? High percentages of the population live some distance from their municipality’s fixed route transit system and travelling across longer distances often require several transfers. Public transportation has become expensive, inefficient and in some cases, ineffective. Particularly in smaller towns or more rural areas, funding a transit system is


5 Ways to Build Trust in Your Team

Building trust with your team is critical for productivity, engagement, and employee retainment. The following five tips are methods Driverseat has implemented to build trust in their teams.    -Talk About Yourself- In order to build trust, you must form relationships with those in your workforce. An important aspect for developing those relationships is to