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July 2019 | Driverseat Inc.

Assisting You and Your Loved Ones

One of our more unique services include Assisted Transportation.   Why would you or a loved one require Assisted Transportation?  There are many reasons why.  You could have just had a medical procedure done and cannot drive home afterwards.  Or maybe you have an injury or condition that prevents you from driving, but are still mobile


Driverseat and NWO

We live in one of the greatest areas in Canada. Those of us that choose to live here do it for many reasons. The quality of life. The closeness to nature. The relative peacefulness of our communities. We know by choosing to live here we are forgoing some of the amenities that are readily available in larger cities. But Driverseat is


Driverseat Opening in Owen Sound, ON, Canada

Following explosive growth in Alberta, Driverseat franchisee Adam McKeachnie adds another location to the list of Ontario Terminals. Owen Sound will officially open this summer, and will be offering the many great Driverseat services to the region. Like on Facebook here – Follow on Instagram here –


Why the Grand Prize Award Hasn’t Changed Our Franchise

At this year’s Canadian Franchise Association annual conference, we were humbled to receive the Grand Prize for a non-traditional franchise (franchise systems that operate without bricks and mortar). This is an award that took us by surprise, but also reaffirmed for us that we are doing some great things, attracting extraordinary  people, and building a


Getting You to the Airport

Getting You To The Airport Our airport in Thunder Bay is one of the busiest in all of Ontario. From major airlines like Air Canada, Westjet and Porter, to smaller regional airlines like North Star Air, Bearskin and Wasaya, there are thousands of people coming and going from there everyday. Driverseat has two great options to