Driverseat Cambridge Franchise Owner Expands Despite the Pandemic

October, 2020 - Driverseat

Demand from Businesses Now Outpaces Consumers… And Here’s Why

An interesting thing has happened to Driverseat since the start of the pandemic. The demand for our Business to Business (B2B) services has increased exponentially, while the Business to Consumer (B2C) demand has decreased. Here’s why.    Businesses are asking their employees to limit exposure through carpooling, public transit or using ride-share services. In order


Providing the Vulnerable Sector with Medical and Assisted Transport

The population is aging, community services are overwhelmed, and rural areas are under resourced. The result is a significant gap in transportation options for those who need it most. People who are aging, needing medical treatment, living with mobility challenges, or cognitive impairment find it extremely difficult to get to appointments or run errands.