Providing the Vulnerable Sector with Medical and Assisted Transport

Providing the Vulnerable Sector with Medical and Assisted Transport

The population is aging, community services are overwhelmed, and rural areas are under resourced. The result is a significant gap in transportation options for those who need it most. People who are aging, needing medical treatment, living with mobility challenges, or cognitive impairment find it extremely difficult to get to appointments or run errands.


Standard public transportation is not always equipped to provide sufficient services that may be needed by this demographic. There is often a lack of training and / or understanding of what is required to provide more vulnerable clients with the support they need (loading or unloading, getting into doctor’s offices, or reassurance in the case of Alzheimer’s or dementia). With proper training, our Chauffeurs at Driverseat are responsive to the variety of situations and challenges they may be faced with when operating in this sector. They will ensure the clients safely arrive at their destination, assisting them into the appointment or store. Where requested, the Chauffeur will wait for the appointment to finish and then return the client back home to maintain consistency.


How Driverseat Medical and Assisted Transport Can Help: 

The Driverseat brand promise is to ‘out-care the competition’. The head office team and franchisees all operate with the mantra that every day, we have to earn the right to continue servicing our clients. We are committed to providing great service and ensuring the experience is a memorable one. When working with the vulnerable sector, we stop at nothing to ensure that the client has the support and reassurance they need to feel safe.

Our recognizable vehicles, brand promise, highly trained and uniformed Chauffeurs, and where applicable, our mobile app form a recipe that differentiates us from other transportation providers in this field.


The Benefits of Driverseat’s Medical and Assisted Transport Services:

  • Collaboration – We partner with organizations to provide solutions that evolve and pivot when needed.
  • Training – Driverseat Chauffeurs are highly trained for the circumstances they are working within. Partnering with our clients, we identify if additional training is required and collaborate to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the expectations.
  • Technology – There are a number of technology options available to implement depending on the structure of the service. The client, family members, personal support staff or administrative staff are able to be connected directly with the Chauffeur via mobile app to track the progress of any trip.
  • Consistency – Driverseat clients work with a limited number of Chauffeurs to ensure the consistency of the service. This also allows clients to build relationships and trust with their Chauffeur, which we have found to be a great benefit. Our vehicles are fully wrapped in bright orange colours making them easy to identify, and our Chauffeurs are in full uniform.



People want and need to maintain their independence. Access to services, medical treatment and amenities is critical to that, yet the availability of transportation services is limited. There are often long wait times, limited capabilities and less than ideal care and control. We specialize in and excel at working with the vulnerable sector, collaborating with our business partners and out-caring the competition.