Top 4 Holiday Reservations We Receive at Driverseat

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The Future of Microtransit:

A concept that most say came into light in 2015, microtransit has seen significant growth in it’s market. As researchers analyze its market growth, large numbers are seen in the  value microtransit will have globally. According to research conducted by Frost & Sullivan -a consulting and research firm- the microtransit market will grow from its


Municipalities Begging For Microtransit Solutions

Does your municipality have adequate public transit? So many people live beyond their town’s fixed-route transit system. Also, traveling across longer distances often requires several transfers. Public transportation has become expensive, inefficient and in some cases, impractical. In smaller towns, town perimeters or rural areas especially, funding a transit system is complicated and generally doesn’t


Being a Chauffeur During COVID-19

The pandemic as a result of COVID-19, has caused health and safety concerns for many. Here at Driverseat, we are following the correct safety protocols to ensure the safety of both of our passengers and our Chauffeurs within our shuttles. We are taking the appropriate safety measures to do our part in stopping the spread


Two really significant changes in transportation are emerging from COVID-19.

Two really significant changes in transportation are emerging from COVID-19.   1. Companies, schools and governments are forward thinking in terms of what ‘the new normal’ looks like. We have been receiving a significant number of inquiries related to transportation which will allow for continued social distancing. Vehicles will operate with a reduced capacity to