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The Significant Demand for Driverseat’s Services Results In Amazing Chauffeur Opportunities

​​​​Our Shuttle service meets a unique demand in the marketplace, and we have seen triple-digit growth in our customizable service offerings. We strive to out-care our competition and provide very competitive prices for our customers. With each personalized experience, we ensure the safety and comfort of our passengers during each ride.        


A Safe and Small Wedding With Us

Couples have become familiar with reducing their wedding guest lists. However, having fewer guests doesn’t mean having less fun! Let us ensure that your small wedding is a celebration to remember by transporting your guests safely and on time.   Safety, Value, Reliability We ensure our vehicles are cleaned and sanitized between each trip, keeping


Driverseat’s Innovative Care+ Program Assists the Vulnerable Sector 

The availability of transportation options for children, seniors, those living with cognitive impairment, and wheelchair users is sparse. Oftentimes an appointment has to be made days or weeks in advance, making the service inaccessible.  The Driverseat Care+ service is designed for the vulnerable sector. Anyone who needs more care, compassion, or diligence around safety can