Relax and Enjoy Your Trip, Leave the Driving to Us

Relax and Enjoy Your Trip, Leave the Driving to Us

When booking a vacation, one of the most important things, besides ensuring you have all of your necessities packed, is your transportation to and from the airport. Trust us to provide you with safe, convenient and reliable transportation to make the most of your trip. 



Safety is our top priority. Our Chauffeurs are highly trained, and we monitor their driving behaviour through our mobile app. We have stringent COVID protocols in place to protect you, your guests and our Chauffeurs. These protocols include regularly conducting antibacterial sanitizing and a wipe-down of the shuttle using local Roxton brand products before and after every trip.





Our mobile app allows you to be connected directly with the Chauffeur. You can see real-time updates, track the progress of any trip and communicate directly to make your experience that much better. Our airport services are flexible and can accommodate any of your travelling needs. Our client-experience team will ensure that we have all of the details so we can focus on the shuttle and you can enjoy your vacation.





With the airport shuttle services that we offer, we commit to out-caring the competition and providing the highest degree of care to ensure your safety and comfort. Our highly trained Chauffeurs can assist with loading and unloading luggage and getting in and out of the vehicle or airport. 

You will be sure to arrive on time when booking an Airport Shuttle with us. When getting to and from the airport, you can rest assured that our Chauffeurs will be updated on any potential detours or delays and optimize the fastest route. We also track your flights and monitor delays, adjusting your pick-up and drop-off time accordingly to ensure your travelling experience runs smoothly.