Enjoy the Journey Not Just the Destination

Enjoy the Journey Not Just the Destination

Becoming A Franchise Partner

Opening a Driverseat franchise is a journey. At first, the process is quite formal and includes due diligence, being disclosed, validation, legal review, and several consultations with our franchise development team. As you better understand the business model, excitement builds and you confirm for yourself that this is the opportunity you needed, something you can be passionate about that will provide for you and perhaps your family. The beginning of this phase is what we call uninformed optimism because while you’ve done the due diligence and have been disclosed, you have only just begun to understand what the life of a franchise partner truly is like. It is often described as the “honeymoon stage”. 


As you begin the training process, there can be a sense of overwhelm and in some cases, we see imposter syndrome. “What was I thinking, I’m not capable of doing this.” or “Who do I think I am? I’m not cut out for this.” These are all very natural feelings and you can rest assured that our selection, approval, and screening processes allow us to determine with great confidence who has what it takes to live our brand standard and who doesn’t. The reality is, no matter how experienced or confident you are, there will inevitably be moments of question. 


Our goal is to take you from uninformed optimism to informed optimism as quickly as possible. Once you complete the initial training, learning new skills, experimenting with different social media tools, learning more about the Driverseat brand and the employment brand, and establishing a team, you begin to emerge into informed optimism. This is when you fully establish your confidence level and identify areas where you need the most support from our franchise success team. 


Business With A Coach

As a brand, we are measured by how successful our franchise partners are, and how satisfied they are in the relationship. One of the key factors in success is ensuring you are empowered to perform, which we achieve through coaching and support. A significant component in our support program is helping you identify your business goals, what you need to do to achieve them, and providing systems for measuring success. In your first month of operation, you will have regular coaching sessions one on one with a member of the franchise success team. We identify your strengths and then do a gap analysis so that we can develop a coaching plan that leverages your capabilities and provides additional support where you have areas for growth.  We understand that everyone comes into a business venture with different skill sets and strengths, so our job is to find the intersection between what the business needs and what you need to be successful.


Support Network

You will receive ongoing coaching and training so long as you are a Driverseat franchise partner. As you grow your business, the challenges and opportunities will evolve. Technology and transportation are changing continuously and we have to adapt to respond. We will continue to provide support weekly, monthly, or daily if needed as you navigate a particular challenge, have an opportunity to bid on a large contract, or need additional support with rapid expansion. Our team is there to support you both proactively and reactively. We hold you accountable to your goals and ensure that you are making the best decisions in order to achieve them.



Extraordinary Opportunity 

There is no better time than now to invest in a franchise business. An experienced franchisor and a network of successful franchise partners have a significant amount of collective energy and intellectual capacity to assist you in managing your business and supporting you during challenging times. Driverseat as a whole has benefited tremendously from our collaborative culture and we continue to see substantial revenue growth including expansion into new territories. 




Watch Director of Franchise Support, Leanne Shanks, further discuss the reality of launching a Driverseat Franchise and how we support our franchise partners in the videos below!