4 Critical Elements You Must Consider Before Starting Your Business

4 Critical Elements You Must Consider Before Starting Your Business

When starting a business, you wear many hats, and it can be overwhelming when you discover how much you don’t know. To make this process easier for you, we have highlighted four key factors to consider initially to save you time and money. As a new franchise owner, Driverseat can assist you in bridging the gaps in the following four key factors:



Considering the technological platforms to use before launching your business will help you avoid costly changes and technical challenges. The technologies we use include cloud-based storage, readily available access to information and data, communication apps regarding how a customer will interact with you, and website navigation. In simplifying our business operations using technology, you can operate your business entirely from a tablet. You can actively see customer interactions, the current location of your Chauffeurs, and you can access real-time data, information, and updates.

 In the continuous efforts of evolving technology to support you as a franchise owner, we have two significant technological components. First, Driverseat University is an online e-learning course that allows franchise owners to learn everything there is to know about operating a Driverseat franchise, and you can access this platform at any time to review course material. Second, our consumer app allows both the consumer and our Chauffeurs to have a mobile app that provides you with real-time updates.



When starting a business, you must have a clear idea of who your target market is and how you plan to reach them. When developing a marketing strategy, it should include, at a minimum, your messaging, budget, assets you will need, where you will advertise, and how you will measure success.

 As a franchise owner, we prepare you with assets and campaigns that allow you to interact with your customers through social media and online content. Most importantly, we provide you with education on implementing these assets and how to measure their effectiveness using analytics. It’s also of importance to reach your customer base in a short period. For example, within the first 90 minutes of your day, we aim to have you managing your social media accounts, marketing approach, and understanding what to do and what not to do.


Consumer Behaviour

Understanding the problem you are trying to solve for customers and how to do so efficiently is a crucial step in starting a business. To optimize the success of your marketing, research and understand the behaviour of your target market.

We have five core services that provide transportation solutions for our clients. When engaging with your customers, you are not trying to tell them something. Instead, you are trying to solve their problem. Part of the Driverseat business model is setting you up for success in being easy to do business with by ensuring your business is easy to find online, your website is easy to navigate, and your services are easily explainable to your customers.



When starting a business, it is critical to utilize the resources you currently have. These resources could include a banker, accountant, lawyer, or friend with business venture experience. Connecting with other like-minded business leaders through community groups can also help expand your knowledge as you learn from them and accept their critique to improve your business ideas.

One of the significant benefits of a franchise system is its shared resources. Our business consultants provide you with extensive training, guide you through the process of operating your business, and actively address any questions along the way. We focus on your top-line revenue and ensure that you are surpassing your targeted goals. Our support network is critical in your ongoing business development and growth, and although you may work for yourself, you will never have to work by yourself.


Watch CEO of Driverseat, Brian Bazely, further discuss the 4 critical elements you must consider before starting your business and how Driverseat assists franchise owners in bridging the gap in the videos below!