Why Do We Call Our Drivers “Chauffeurs”?

Why Do We Call Our Drivers “Chauffeurs”?

The distinction is to recognize how much emphasis we put on the experience of using our service. Creating remarkable experiences means that our clients talk about us, encourage others to use us, and become loyal fans of the brand. There is little that is more rewarding than getting great feedback from a client. It is because of this that we call our drivers ‘Chauffeurs’. It defines their role more clearly as a ‘creator of great experiences’ rather than someone who operates a vehicle. 


Chauffeurs provide extraordinary customer service

While preparing for your ride, you can actively communicate with our Chauffeurs through our mobile app. Our Chauffeurs open doors for clients, accommodate their needs, assist with loading and unloading, getting in and out of medical buildings, running errands, or carrying groceries. To maintain consistency, when requested, our Chauffeur will wait for the appointment or errand to finish. Our Chauffeurs commit to offering the highest degree of care and control for our clients with every solution to assure them that we are making decisions with their best interests in mind.



Chauffeurs ensure safety

Our Chauffeurs ensure our clients are always travelling in a safe environment. With safety being our absolute top priority, we monitor their driving behaviour through our mobile app. To protect you, your guests, and our Chauffeurs, we have implemented strict COVID protocols. Before and after each trip, Chauffeurs conduct an antibacterial sanitizing, fogging, and wipe-down of the shuttle using local Roxton brand products. At all times, they maintain a 6-foot distance between themself and our clients.




Chauffeurs are highly-trained

Our training and coaching programs shape how our Chauffeurs operate, how they view client expertise, and how they view themselves. Training includes incident response, safety training, de-escalation tactics, sensitivity training, and understanding our brand promise to out-care the competition. Our meticulous approach to gathering information and learning about our clients enables us to anticipate potential issues and implement a strong plan that ensures the comfort of our clients.




Chauffeurs play an important role in the overall experience

Our unique franchise model allows Chauffeurs to work for and report to the local franchise owner who is responsible for the client experience. Chauffeurs use our communication app and other vital tools to keep in touch with the franchise owner frequently. Based on real-time information from Chauffeurs, franchisees can immediately adapt their offerings.




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