Driverseat’s Innovative Care+ Program Assists the Vulnerable Sector 

Driverseat’s Innovative Care+ Program Assists the Vulnerable Sector 

The availability of transportation options for children, seniors, those living with cognitive impairment, and wheelchair users is sparse. Oftentimes an appointment has to be made days or weeks in advance, making the service inaccessible. 

The Driverseat Care+ service is designed for the vulnerable sector. Anyone who needs more care, compassion, or diligence around safety can rest assured that we will seek to fully understand what the need is, and through consultation with the client or client’s family, develop a plan that everyone can be confident in. 


How Care+ Can Assist You 

Our brand promise is to out-care the competition. With the transportation solutions that we offer the vulnerable sector, we commit to providing the highest degree of care and control to ensure their safety and comfort. Our highly trained Chauffeurs can assist with loading and unloading, getting in and out of medical buildings, running errands, or carrying groceries. In the case of Alzheimer’s or dementia, we will build an action plan with caregivers to understand exactly what the parameters of the trip are to ensure that the client is safely taken to where they need to be. Where requested, our Chauffeur will wait for the appointment or errand to be finished to ensure they see a familiar face.


In addition to our brand promise, our easily identifiable bright orange vehicles, our highly trained and uniformed Chauffeurs, and our mobile app form a recipe that differentiates the Driverseat brand. We partner with the vulnerable sector to maintain their independence while assisting them in accessing services, appointments, and amenities.   


The Benefits of Care+ Services



Our Chauffeurs are highly trained in working with the vulnerable sector, from unattended children to seniors living with dementia. This includes sensitivity training, incident response, de-escalation tactics, and safety training. Our systematic approach to gathering information and learning about our clients help us to understand what challenges could be faced so that we can mitigate them with a solid plan that caregivers are comfortable with.





Our mobile app allows you, your family members or your personal support staff to be connected directly with the Chauffeur. You can see real-time updates, track the progress of any trip, and communicate directly to make your experience that much better. Additionally, as safety is our top priority, our Chauffeurs driving behaviour is monitored through telematics in our mobile app.





To protect our clients and Chauffeurs, we have implemented significant COVID protocols. We use local Roxton brand products for antibacterial disinfection, fogging, and wipe-down of the shuttle before and after each trip. Chauffeurs must also keep a 6-foot distance between themselves and passengers at all times.





To build rapport with our more vulnerable clients, we pair them with a limited number of Chauffeurs. This helps with consistency, allowing them to build a relationship and trust with their Chauffeur. We have found this to be incredibly important when working with anyone who is more vulnerable. Our bright orange shuttles and uniformed Chauffeurs make us easily identifiable which provides additional peace of mind.




Do you have children, parents, or grandparents in need of assistance arriving safely to essential destinations? Call, email, or message Driverseat Care+ to book a shuttle today!