Extraordinary Franchise Opportunity in Moncton, NB!

Extraordinary Franchise Opportunity in Moncton, NB!

Moncton needs far better transportation options, and you can be the one who brings them to town. Driverseat is a franchise that provides private and public shuttle services to over 400 communities across North America. We specialize in transportation to the airport, wedding shuttles, assisted medical transportation, tours and charters, wine tours, brewery tours, and corporate shuttles on contract. Our business model is meticulously designed to provide exceptional experiences at extremely reasonable rates. So what is our secret weapon? We out-care the competition at every step. 


Since our launch in 2012, we have seen tremendous growth and have franchises operating in cities throughout several provinces and states… soon to include Moncton, NB!


The Driverseat Advantage

Our services fill a massive transportation gap operating in the market between rideshare and large coach busses. There simply isn’t a national brand that specializes in the types of services that we do, so we stand out in a traditionally transactional industry. As far as franchise opportunities are concerned, the Driverseat business model has the advantage of significant scalability with a low startup cost and a dynamic cost of overhead. You will purpose build your fleet and your team of Chauffeurs based on committed or anticipated revenue, which means that you can manage your costs and maximize profits.



Why Moncton, NB?

Moncton has a population of 85,000 people and is the largest urban centre in New Brunswick. It is well-known as a “Hub City” due to its central inland location as a railway and land transportation hub for the Maritimes. All railways in and out of the region must pass through Moncton, making it a central point for road and air transportation. This location proposes the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the thousands of people in need of our services when arriving in Moncton. 

Moncton is also a host of the famous World Wine and Food Festival that offers a vast line-up of seminars, wine tastings, and dinners. In addition, there are six craft breweries. Moncton has countless festivals that attract tourists, such as the Frye Festival, an annual bilingual literary celebration, attracting writers and poets from around the world, as it is Canada’s only officially bilingual city. A prime transportation-oriented place such as Moncton validates a fantastic business opportunity!


Become a Driverseat Franchisee in Moncton Today!

Due to Moncton’s highly populated, prime central location for road and air transportation, Driverseat strives to expand its business to meet the community’s transportation needs.





Interested in starting a franchise in Moncton, New Brunswick? Click the link below to watch CEO, Brian Bazely, further discuss this amazing opportunity! 



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