What It’s Like Being an Employee at Driverseat Head Office During a Pandemic

November, 2020 - Driverseat

Having Difficulty Attracting and Retaining Staff? You’re Not Alone.

Having Difficulty Attracting and Retaining Staff? You’re Not Alone.      Employers often have difficulty attracting and retaining great employees. This roadblock can manifest itself depending on employees’ access to the work location. Employees, on the other hand, may be hesitant to take public transit, especially due to COVID-19 concerns. Many employees do not have access


Don’t Drink and Drive

round the holiday’s many people find themselves feeling alone or depressed or are overwhelmed by their busy social calendars. This can often lead to drinking, which impairs decision-making, cognitive abilities, and more. For those who plan to drink, it’s important to plan ahead. Use apps like Uber or  Driverseat for a designated driver, or find a


The Power of Social Media in Business

Driverseat franchisees start as a home-based business. They hire a team of Chauffeurs to provide services in customer’s vehicles, eliminating the need for a fleet of vehicles. They then launch the shuttle service and build the fleet of mid-sized commercial vans as they build the business, sometimes needing only a few vehicles in the first


Driverseat Is a Transportation Company That Doesn’t Hire Drivers

Driverseat is a transportation company that doesn’t hire “drivers”. Franchisees hire “Chauffeurs”, not drivers – and there is a difference.    What makes your business stand out? What makes it memorable and what makes it different from the competition? Well it isn’t just one thing, it is a series of things that when combined, make