Driverseat Is a Transportation Company That Doesn’t Hire Drivers

Driverseat Is a Transportation Company That Doesn’t Hire Drivers

Driverseat is a transportation company that doesn’t hire “drivers”. Franchisees hire “Chauffeurs”, not drivers – and there is a difference. 


What makes your business stand out? What makes it memorable and what makes it different from the competition? Well it isn’t just one thing, it is a series of things that when combined, make up the strategic difference for your business.


Driverseat is a fast growing franchise company headquartered out of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (think silicon valley of the North). Started in 2012, Driverseat franchisees are responsible for business development, customer relations and the employment brand in each of their markets.  It is on the subject of the employment brand (hiring / onboarding / training / motivating) that this post is referring to.


Driverseat franchisees will hire 6 to 40 Chauffeurs to provide customer service and to drive the customers where they need to go. Outfitted with mid-sized commercial grade shuttle vehicles, Driverseat Chauffeurs are far more than just “drivers”.












Chauffeurs provide customer service

This includes opening the doors for riders, talking with them about their needs and communicating with them through the Driverseat innovative app, while preparing for their ride.


Chauffeurs ensure safety

In addition to the stringent safety requirements that Driverseat has for all vehicles, regular wiping of all high-touch surfaces and fogging of the vehicles, ensures customers are traveling in a safe environment. Personal protective equipment is common as we navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic.


Chauffeurs are a critical part of the overall experience

Our franchise model is unique in that Chauffeurs work for and report to the franchise owner, who is local and who is responsible for the customer experience.  Communication with the franchise owner is regular using our communication app and other key tools. Franchisees are able to adapt their offerings quickly based on real time information from their team in the field.


Chauffeurs are trained well

Chauffeurs are taught about the standards we have in customer service, how to ensure the customer has an incredible experience and much more than just the technical parts of the role.  Chauffeurs are rated on their customer experience (set up as 5-star ratings based on an app), and their driving habits are rated electronically to ensure driving habits are in-line with our expectations.  


While the word “Chauffeur” as a stand alone may not mean a lot, the implication and inclusion of what it means is part of the larger strategy to continue to differentiate Driverseat transportation services from other vehicle based companies.


Become a Driverseat Chauffeur: