Why Driverseat is Your Best Solution for Airport Transportation

February 2020 | Driverseat Inc.

Toronto Blue Jays Fans: Plan Your Trip Now for the 2020 Baseball Season

Are you already thinking about the Toronto Blue Jays 2020 baseball season? It’s not too soon to start planning your trip for the upcoming season as regular-season games are scheduled to start in just over a month. Be the first to possibly see the Jays dawn their "New Blue" alternate uniforms as they open their 2020 season on March 26 with a four-game home series against the division rival Boston Red Sox. The “Boys of Summer” are coming back and it’s going to be a hot time in Toronto!


Top 5 Benefits of Driverseat’s Shuttle Service in Brampton, ON… That Will Surprise You!

Travelling in a group can be challenging, frustrating, and downright irritating. A multitude of problems can occur from each person travelling in the group separately. There is the probability that arrival times maybe in a staggered fashion, which could lead to confusion or even being late for whatever function you're travelling to. Some people may get lost on the way, and may or may not arrive at all. It would be most convenient to travel together as a group, but that can also be a logistical challenge. Communication in a group is hard, and the stress and anxiety associated with planning a group trip can be daunting. One of the best solutions is to hire a professional shuttle service such as Driverseat that will conveniently shuttle your group to their desired location. Here are the top 5 unexpected benefits of using Driverseat‘s Shuttle service.