Designated Driver or a Uber/Taxi, Which is more economical,

Designated Driver or a Uber/Taxi, Which is more economical,

How much more then uber will this cost me? Probably the most asked question we get here at Driverseat Calgary.

Our Answer is à cheaper than two taxis rides and you can see a cost estimate on our Driverseat App. We are confident in making the comparison that we are providing an economical and safe option for people.

There are so many advantages to our service over a taxi.

If you are going to be out drinking then there are really two taxi options to be had.

  1. You order a taxi from your home to take you to an event and then you order the second one to drive you home. This option involves two taxi fares and waiting for taxis on both ends.
  2. You drive to the location in your own car and park, you get one taxi home and then return the next day in a taxi or public transport to pick your car up and drive home. Again, it is a huge inconvenience of waiting and still paying for two fares.

So, when comparing the cost, what we need to be doing is comparing the ONE Driverseat ride to TWO taxi fares. There are longer trips and there are shorter trips. We find that the average trip our clients take the amount to $50.

We have the advantage of the Driverseat App which is free to download from the App Store or Google Play. If you know that you are leaving at a certain time then prebook your designated driver. You can always see the cost estimate for your trip and it is way better than calling for the designated driver service.