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October 2019 | Driverseat Inc.

Benefits of being a Franchisee!

Benefits of being a Franchisee!   I started my franchising career as a franchisee.  Leaving a top job at a multi-billion dollar company to start my own business was exciting.  Doing it as a franchisee was something I didn’t expect to do, but it was life changing. That was 12 years ago. I became so


Student Airport Shuttle

Having your child leave to go to school can be a very stressful time for not only the student but also the parents. We were happy to be able to help out this family and ease their stress. The student was worried about securing a reliable way to get to the airport. The parents, not being in town wanted to help. They reached out to us and we were able to walk them through what we do. They were able to set up the mobile app and book their son's ride from the university to the airport. The app allows for the rider to communicate with the driver and also allows for real time updates. Want to know more on how we can set up an account for your family? Contact us today!


4 Time Management Tips for Business Owners

1. Discipline A common word, often incorrectly applied. Discipline is about training yourself to do the little things, the seemingly unimportant things correctly and routinely. Managing email, invoicing clients, managing accounts receivable and auditing the performance of your business or team (among other things) are all tasks that require a disciplined approach to be done


Shuttle Continues to Grow

Our shuttle business continues to grow every week.  We are excited to have been awarded the exclusive contract to shuttle Air Canada Rouge flight crews to and from their airport during their layovers.  It goes without saying that flight crews depend on their transportation to ensure that they are at the airport in time to